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A comparison of K-POP popular music programs

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【3 major features of music programs】
1. Single person is OK!
2. Officially designated ticketing platform, safe and secure!
3. No need to wait in line for hours! Enter quickly through Hanchao Booker express way!
【Music program products comparison】
tickets booking details
SBS“THE SHOW” Schedule:Every Tuesday
Location:SBS PRISM TOWER, Mapo, Seoul
Seats:all sitting seats
PS:Including a N.Seoul Towe ticket
M cultour: DMC & CJ E&M Studio Tour Schedule:Every Thursday
Location: CJ E&M Center, Mapo, Seoul
Seats:sitting seats
PS: Free Mnet officail products
【Review from the customers】
M cultour: DMC & CJ E&M Studio Tour
ddfanfan5: It's really worth visiting! The venue is small, so I can see it clearly even though I was standing at the rear. And the guide was so kind as well! I will definitely book this MCD tour again at Hanchao next time when I visit Korea.
goandstop: I was there to see my favorite idols. And it was sooooo nice!!! I was so exciting that I was very close to them, and enjoyed the feeling of standing in the floor section....omg I cannot stop being exciting!!!
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