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Save time on luggage drop-off ! Introduction to our luggage deliver service

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It is always an inevitable part of an overseas travel to bring a big suitcase with you. However, when we arrive in or leave Korea, it is always inconvenient to drag a heavy suitcase. Especially if you plan to visit somewhere before you go to the hotel after landing at the airport. For example, if you wanna go straight to an attraction right after landing? Or your flight is In the evening and you want to squeeze time visiting more places in Seoul city? Under these situations, dragging a heavy suitcase must be the most annoying thing ever!

To settle these problems, what you need is luggage delivery service! ! Either from Incheon, Gimpo Airport to the hotel, or from the hotel to Incheon and Gimpo Airport, you can deliver your luggage safely in the designated time! No more time wasted on dragging your heavy suitcase and arrange your time efficiently! A smart tip to enjoy your trip to South Korea without regret!
What is the luggage delivery service?
As its name, it is to provide luggage delivery service between the airport and the hotel. It can let you travel between the airport and the hotel without your heavy luggage. You can choose the round-trip delivery service between the airport and the hotel, or one-way delivery service as well .

On the appointment day , present your Hanchao booking confirmation to the staff at the airport or hotel, fill out the form, hand over your luggage to the staff, and then start your own travel! When you arrive at the hotel or are about to leave Korea, you can present the receipt that you received when you submit your luggage, and then take the baggage away, which is very simple and fast.

※ Different companies have different regulations on the size and content of the transportable luggage. Please refer to the booking page below for details.
Airports providing the service:

Kimpo Airport,Incheon Airport(Terminal 1 & Terminal 2)
Airports providing the service:
Kimpo Airport,Incheon Airport(Terminal 1 & Terminal 2)
Hotels providing the service:

Most of the hotels inside Seol city. For guesthouse and airbnb, please check with the owners in advance.
Hotels providing the service:
Most of the hotels inside Seol city. For guesthouse and airbnb, please check with the owners in advance.
Information that must be helpful if you read it in advance! The icing on the cake
Under what circumstances is suitable to book the luggage delivery service in advance? Let's take a look at the following examples. All of the comments came from the real reviews of the users who have used our service before.
※The following reviews are from Japanese traveler as of March 2019.
1. Even one minute is precious for a short trip to Korea
If your time in Korea is limited, then how to schedule your time efficiently is the biggest issue.

If you book the luggage delivery service in advance, someone will deliver your baggage to the hotel when you arrive at the airport. When you’re about to depart, you can pick up your luggage at the designated location before boarding. On the way of traveling in Korea, you can get rid of the annoyance with luggage and take time to go wherever you want to go. A short trip can also be arranged in a compact and exciting way!
User review 1:
I went to South Korea for a business trip. I only had a short stay of 2 days and 1 night there. Most of the time was arranged. Thus It is very inconvenient to carry the suitcase when I arrive in and depart from Korea. I found this service online, and felt it very convenient to travel from the airport to the hotel luggage free. I will definitely use it again next time!
2. Tips from a KPOP fan! Go straight to idol's concerts right after landing without worries.
Many fans come to Korea to see the concerts or to join the fan-signing events, etc. Typically they’re very busy and squeeze time to come to Korea, so the concert may be on the same day of their flight. Wanna rush straight to the concert after landing? It’s your best choice to use the luggage delivery service!

User review 2:
My flight is on the same day of the concert, and the plane arrive in Korea in the afternoon, thus there is no time for me to go to the hotel to check in first. I got to know that there is a service that can help the passengers to send their luggage to the hotel, and the price is ok, so I booked it. After getting off the plane, we went straight to the concert and picked up our suitcases at the hotel reception desk. Very satisfied!
3. Have trouble on carrying your suitcase due to the itinerary on the day of arrival and departure?
Many popular attractions in Korea are narrow, full of tourists, built along the hills, or with lots of stairs. Under this condition, you must be very tired and annoyed to drag your luggage walking through the obstacles. Then the luggage delivery service may be your good choice!

User review3:
On the first day of arrival, we planned to go to the Gwangjang Market to eat the local raw beef dishes. But the alleys in the Gwangjang market are extremely narrow and filled with too many people that I can’t walk unhindered with my luggage. Thanks to this service, we were able to explore until late night and picked up our luggage at the hotel.
When I was about to leave korea, I planned to buy something at Hongdae, so I also booked the service in advance. Eventually, I had a great time at Hongdae before leaving Korea.
4.Inconvenient to transfer from airport to hotel, with a long walking distance or a lot of stairs
If the hotel you booked is far from the nearest subway station, it will take a long walk and there are many stairs inside the Korean subway stations. The transfer distance between stations was also a long distance. You’ll get exhausted quickly if you pull a heavy suitcase with you. The best resolution to this is to book our luggage delivery service.

User review4:
The hotel we booked this time was about 10 minutes walk from the nearest subway station, and there was no elevators at the subway station, nor buses to the airport. So it was a big problem to get to the airport with heavy luggage when departure.I found this service on the Internet, so I booked it one day in advance. It turned out that I arrived at the airport very easily. Thank you very much.
5. If you want to store your luggage in the locker, but there's no space available
Usually there are lockers in the subway stations and bus terminal stations in Seoul. You can store your luggage here and select how many hours you want to store it. However, there are not many or even just one or two big lockers that you can fit your luggage in. Moreover, when you finally find one, it always turned out to be occupied. This happens a lot especially in the popular attractions. In comparison, using a luggage delivery service is more secured.

User review 5:
I used to feel convenient to use the storage lockers. Some smaller cabinets can be found empty, but it became more and more difficult to find an empty large cabinet. So I booked the luggage delivery service this time, and got my luggage to the airport safely!
6.Have no choice but taking the airport bus to hotel due to my luggage.
After arriving in Korea, eager to go to some places but have to send your luggage to the hotel first? At this moment, many people will choose to take the airport bus, and then rush to the destination after dropping the luggage at the hotel. In fact, you can choose to deliver your luggage at the same price as the airport bus. Not only can you rush straight to the destination, but the luggage is also safely delivered to the hotel.

User review6:
I had been taking the airport bus (KAL) to the hotel from Incheon Airport. The fare is about 1400 yen. Usually I went shopping after leaving the luggage at the hotel. After I learned that there is a service which transports baggage separately, I tried it once, sent the baggage separately to Hongdae and I set on my journey right after landing. I felt very efficient! Especially suitable for people who want to save time on short trips!
Check these before booking!

1. Check whether the place you're staying is within the delivery area.
If you want to book a luggage delivery service from the airport to the hotel, the first thing to check is whether the hotel you are staying in is within the delivery area. Depending on the service booked, the location to be shipped to and the facilities of the hotel could differ. There are also places that is not included in the service area. Before booking, be sure to check the booking page to see if the hotel you are staying in is available for the service.
2.No matter it's luggage, backpack or suitcase is all available! Check the items that can be delivered.
No matter it's luggage or backpack, as long as it is not convenient to carry on the way of traveling, then it is available to use this service. The size and cost of the baggage can be confirmed on the booking page.
Also be noted that the stuff inside the luggage is divided into items that can be transported and not transportable, such as some valuables, fragile and flammable items, corrosive dangerous items, etc. They are all excluded from the delivery service.
3. Time restriction of the service! Booking is available under certain range of time.
The time of handing over the luggage and the time to pick up the baggage are all regulated. If you do not pick up the baggage within the service period, you may be failed to get your luggage back and delay your own schedule. At the same time, be prepared according to your flight schedule and travel plan to ensure that you have enough time to deliver your luggage.
Especially if you choose to use the service at the airport, you must plan it well. Because it takes time for you to get off the plane, to collect your baggage, go through the immigration check, etc. Please estimate the time before you make a reservation.
4.Check the luggage pick-up spot in advance to save your time
There're no big problems when you are handing over or picking up your baggage at the hotel, but it is often anxious to pick up your baggage at the airport, especially before the boarding time. So be sure to check in advance which floor and where the location is. You can take screenshots on your phone in advance to avoid wasting time finding the spot.
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