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A list of the 2019~2020 K-POP concerts, all kinds of festivals and events!

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Validity Period: 2019.12.31~2020.12.31
Collection of the popular K-POP idols! Don't miss it if you are a fan of KPOP!
If you are a K-POP fan, you must wish to come to Korea and see your idol closely! Feel the live music and cheers, listen to your heartbeat, and enjoy the enthusiasm and sweating! There are many music festivals and Hallyu concerts in Korea during the year. From the popular idols that have been on the stage for many years to the rookies who just debuted, you can see many Korean stars all at once! You can cheer for the singers you like, and enjoy the wonderful performances of other singers!
Let’s take a look at the Korean concerts of the year!
※The time and venue of some performances have not been confirmed yet. HanChao will keep update the information.
※Regarding the reservation status of the concert tickets, if it is a performance sold on Hanchao, it will be mentioned and updated in this article.
★Starry starry night, the turn of the year★

January 2020
The 34th Golden Disc Awards
The 34th Golden Disc Awards will be held atJanuary 4th~5th at SeoulGocheok Sky Dome in 2 days of ceremony,The award ceremony of Digital Song Bonsang will be held on the 4th, and the Album Bonsang awards will be given on the 5th. Candidate works will be albums and songs released between the end of October 2018 and the end of October 2019. After comprehensive evaluation by the record executive committee and voting result of fans, the fairness will be guaranteed and the award will be given to musicians with outstanding achievements.

This year's performance lineup includes popular idols such as TWICE, BTS, MAMAMOO, and SEVENTEEN. The MC on the 4th is Lee Da-hee, Sung Si-kyung, and the MC on the 5th is Park So-dam Lee Seung-gi. Book your tickets at Hanchao and you can also get free tickets for the Airport Railroad A’REX!
The 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards
Gaon Chart is the first music sales rank officially recognized by South Korea, and the Gaon Chart awards ceremony is an award based on last year's music sales and data on the website. The range of the awards includes singers, composers, styling, etc. It's a good chance to understand the foundation of the K-POP structure.

The 9th GAON CHART will be held at January 8th, 2020 in Seoul Sports Complex, and the confirmed artists include X1, AB6IX, TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) , ITZY, MONSTA X, MAMAMOO, Stray Kids, etc. Book at Hanchao and get "my own unique transportation card" for free!
Seoul Music Awards
The traditional awards ceremony, which began in 1990, gives awards to artists who have performed outstandingly in music over the past year based on the sales volume of audio sources and fans' voting to determine the winners.

The 29th SEOUL MUSIC AWARDS will be held atJanuary 30, 2020 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. Popular K-POP idols will gather at the awards ceremony. You will be able to enjoy the special stage from this year’s popular songs and singers! Book in advance at Hanchao, and round-trip transfer series from Myeongdong or Hongdae are available for you, or Airport Railway direct train tickets will be given when the transfer is not included.
SBS Gayo Dajeon
SBS, one of the three major TV stations in Korea, holds a festival at the end of the year, similar to the New Year's party. At the end of the year, people begin to look forward to the " Gayo Dajeon", where gather all the popular stars of the past one year. In the singer's battle, you can see the stage of all the popular songs of the year, and there are many special cooperation stages. It must be worth every penny!

Time: December 2019
Location: Gocheok Sky Dome
★K-POP concerts worth waiting for in 2020 ★
First half of 2020
Incheon K-POP Festival Concert
The concert "Let's Walk Toghther" held by Incheon city government aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and invites famous artists every year. Before watching the concert, you can enjoy a variety of Korean food and special snacks in the nearby Singi Market, and feel the atmosphere of the Korean market and the hospitality of Incheon.

2019 info for reference:
Time: April 20, 2019 (Saturday)
Place: Incheon Grand Park
The Korean music website "FANN STAR" has been giving rankings according to voting since 2015. In 2019, it was the first time it hosted a live award ceremony on the Korean news website "the fact". The awards will be given by category from the whole year of last year to March of this year. Hot stars including BTS, TWICE and MAMAMOO will be attending the award ceremony.

2019 info for reference:
Time: April 24, 2019 (Wednesday)
Place: Incheon South Cave Stadium
Dream Concert
Poster of the 2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang
Poster of the 2017 Dream Concert in Pyeongchang
The K-POP Annual Music Festival, from 1995, is designed to encourage Korean teenagers to embrace their dreams and hopes. There are many popular singers and groups participating every year. It is a concert that K-POP fans are very concerned about.

2019 info for reference:
Time: May 2019
Place: Seoul World Cup Stadium
Lotte Family Concert
Not only in Korea, but also international fans are also looking forward to the Lotte family concert. There are many popular stars participating in the concert every year. Guess who would attend the event this year?

2019 info for reference:
Time: June 2019
Place: Jamsil Sports Complex·Olympic Main Stadium
Second half of 2020
Korea Music Festival (KMF)
The fantastic lineup and the special stage of cooperation between the singers are the most exciting grand performances to the K-POP fans every August.

2019 info for reference:
Time: August 2019
Location: Gocheok Sky Domem
Soribada Best K-Music Awards
The award ceremony hosted by the well-known Korean music website Soribada. The ranking is based on votings and expert reviews on all of the songs published from last September to August of this year. The line-up is always fantastic!

2019 info for reference:
Time: August 2019
Place:KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnasium)
Incheon Airport Sky Festival K-pop Concert
As the biggest outdoor music festival in Korea, also the only K-POP festival held in Incheon Airport, Sky Festival is attracting fans all over the world every year. The celebration was held in two days. The first day was a classical music type and the second day was a K-POP music festival. In addition, you can experience various activities at Incheon Airport.

2019 info for reference:
Time: 2019,08.31
Location: Incheon International Airport Plaza
Daegu K-POP concert
The music festival held in Daegu, Korea's third largest city, is one of the few large music festivals held in Korea suburbs. If you are coming to the concert, you can also stop by and experience the unique charm of Daegu.

2019 info for reference:
Time: September 2019
Place: Daegu Duryu Baseball Stadium
SBS Super Concert in 2019 are confirmed to be held in Incheon, lots of popular artists are going to attend!Round trip transportation from Myeongdong & Hongdae to the venue, hurry up to have the reservation!

Expected Artists:(Negotiating)CHEN(EXO),NCT Dream

2019 info for reference:
Location:Incheon Asiad Main Stadium
Incheon K-POP Concert (INK)
Started in 2009, the concert is hosted by the Incheon city government. It is the most popular event for Korean and overseas fans every September, which gathers the most popular idols!

Time: 2019.10.12
Location: Incheon Munhak Stadium (Main stadium)
Busan One Asia Festival (BOF)
The "Busan One Asia Festival" held in Busan, another major city in South Korea, generally lasts for more than 8 to 9 days. During the festival, there are not only the performances of popular idols, but also a variety of food, makeup and fashion activities. Except for the opening and closing ceremonies, other activities are basically free. If you want to get know every aspect of the K-POP, come and have fun in Busan in October!

2019 info for reference:
Time: October.19, 2019
Location: Busan Asiad Main Stadium
K-Pop World Festival (KWF)
K-POP Music Festival in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do. Stars participating is generally popular new groups, and it's highly possible that they'd become the leader of K-POP music!

2019 info for reference:
Time: October 2019
Location: Changwon Sports Park Main Stadium
Gangneung Coffee Festival K-POP Concert(KBS Music Bank Recording)
2019 info for reference:
Location: Gangneung
Gangnam K-POP Concert
2019 info for reference:
Location: Yeongdong-daero Special Stage
Busan One-Asia Festival(K-POP Concert)
Location:Hwamyung Park
Busan One-Asia Festival(Family Park Concert)
Location:Hwamyung Park
Korea Music Festival
Location:Gocheok Sky Dome(Provisional)
Jeju Hallyu Festival
Jeju Hallyu Festival is held in Jeju Island, the famous Korea vacation spot, every November. You can enjoy the natural scenery of Jeju Island while attending the festival. It is also a good choice to spend a few days off here!

2019 info for reference:
Time: November 2019
Location:Jeju Sports Complex
Asia Artist Awards(AAA)
The Asia Artist Awards is the first award in Korea to be combined with TV dramas and K-POP. It is hosted by the entertainment media STARNEWS and co-organized by the Asia Artist Awards Committee. Started from 2016, awards are presented to artists who have outstanding achievements during the past year. Every year, there are overseas popular stars attending and top actors showing up as awarders. It is a must-attend music festival!

2019 info for reference:
Time: November 2019
Location: Undetermined
MBC Plus × Genie Music Awards(MGA)
The new K-POP awards ceremony, which was jointly organized by the music website "Genie Music" and MBC TV, is a first try of cooperation between music platform and TV channel to organize an award ceremony. Not only the best musicians and idols in Korea would be attending, but there are also special stage of K-POP artists and foreign artists. It aims to present a very special stage that has never been seen anywhere.

2019 info for reference:
Time: November 2019
Location: Incheon Namdong Gymnasium
Melon Music Awards
The K-POP award, based on data from the music website Melon and the results of user votes, was started in 2005 and has been holding an annual award ceremony since 2009. The scale is constantly expanding each year, and it's regarded to become a new trend of K-POP in the future.

2019 info for reference:
Time: December 2019
Location: Gocheok Sky Dome
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