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Introduction of Company

Hanchao Inc. is an independent incorporated company affiliated with Konest, the No. 1 Japanese website about South Korea travel. With over 2 decades of operation experience for Konest, Hanchao now runs a Chinese South Korea travel website catering to self-guided tourists from the Greater China area.
It is dedicated to providing multitudes of tourists with the newest, most accurate and richest information about South Korea travel, as well as information about South Korean culture and latest fashions and trends. It is a bridge that connects tourists to South Korea. No matter whether you are in South Korea for the first time or have visited South Korea several times, you will find a resonance at Hanchao.
On top of that, Hanchao also offers a selection of hotels, local tours, performances, tickets, Wi-Fi service and cosmetics for customers' choices. Tons of discount coupons are available for customers to download. They cover foods, shopping, scenic spots, cosmetics, photography, plastic surgery and medical services. A wide variety of Chinese services, such as Chinese editions of South Korea map and subway apps which have been launched, is a must for tourists travelling to South Korea.
As its name suggests, Hanchao means "Korea Nest" in Chinese, with "Han" representing Korea and "Chao" representing nest. It reminds Chinese people of the image of a small but warm nest. Hanchao Inc. tries its best to provide every tourist who comes to South Korea with exquisite services. You will feel home-like warmth and security in South Korea, a foreign country to you.

Company Info
Company name: HANCHAO INC.
Establishment day: Dec.8, 2016
Registered capital: 3,000,000,000 Won
Corporate representative: 朴 海 信 (HAE SHIN PARK)
Certificates: Business registration number: 170-81-00685 / Travel business registration number: No. 2017-000001
Telecommunications business license number: No. 2017-Seoul Mapo-0129 Value-added telecommunications business license number: No. 2-01-17-0007
Website: www.hanchao.com
Company address: 2F, 46, World Cup-ro 25-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea 03964 (Nam-il Building, Mangwon-dong)
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