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Personal Information Usage Policy

Hanchao (HANCHAO INC.) (hereafter referred to as the "Company"). The Company values the personal information of the customer and tries all means to protect it.
It abides by South Korea's "Personal Information Protection Act", "The Act Relating to Information Communications Network Use Promotion and Information Protection", and other laws associated with personal information protection. It will formulate and follow its own guidelines on how to use personal information so that it can better protect the personal information of the customer. The guidelines will specify how the personal information provided by the customer is used and protected as well as other relevant regulations.

1. Consent to collection of personal information
The customer may choose to consent to or not consent to the Company's collection of your personal information in accordance with its guidelines on the collection of customers' personal information. If the customer chooses to consent, it means agreement to the Company's collection of your personal information.

2. Purposes for collection and use of customers' personal information
"Personal information" refers to the customer's name, address, means of contact and other personally identifiable information. Currently, most of the services provided by the Company are available for use by non-member customers. To provide better services, the Company adopts a membership system and collects members' personal information where necessary.
Unless with the customer's consent, the Company will not disclose your personal information. The Company collects the customer's personal information for the following purposes:

1) The Company's development of new services and expansion of information are based on existing customers' personal information. The new services shall be prioritized and sorted in accordance with customers' specific needs.

2) Most of the services and information provided by the Company are for use by customers for free. To keep providing the services and information, the Company selectively runs advertisements based on customers' personal information. The advertisements are targeted at customers according to their specific needs. Customers' personal information shall by no means be disclosed to advertisers or the Company's business partners.

3) Types of personal information collected by the Company and purposes for the collection:
• Name, ID number, password: personally identifiable information that is provided to access the Company's membership system
• Email address, phone number, address: contact information that can be used to send notifications to the customer, confirm the customer's personal willingness, respond to the customer's complaints and ensure communication channels between the two sides
• Other types of information that may be collected: information about best services that can be provided to customers according to their preferences

3. Personal information retention and use period
The Company collects the personal information of a registered customer when the customer uses services provided by us. The registered customer may delete or change your personal information in accordance with regulations governing the customer's management of your personal information stored by the Company, such as reading, changing and deleting the information. After the customer has canceled his or her membership, the Company shall delete all of your personal information so that no information can be left for anyone to read or use.

Personal information collected for temporary purposes (such as questionnaire survey and product promotion) must be completely deleted in the same way once the purposes have been reached, so that no information can be left for anyone to read or use. Except in the circumstance mentioned above, customers' personal information shall be stored by the Company on a temporary basis in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
• Contract and contract cancellation record: 5 years
• Customer complaint and handling record: 3 years

4. Sharing and provision of personal information
As specified in Article 2 "Purposes for collection and use of customers' personal information," the Company shall use customers' personal information within the said scope and will not provide the information to any third party, except in the following circumstances:

 1) Under the customer's consent
2) Provide services to facilitate bill payment
3) Where the Company deems it necessary to disclose the personal information of a customer who has caused mental and material losses to a victim using services provided by us, so that the victim can take legal action against the perpetrator.
4) Under the request of a public institution with rightful authority (such as government investigation agency) to disclose the personal information of a customer
5) To assist statistical and academic research or market surveys, customers' personal information shall be processed in a way that makes it unidentifiable. The processed information may be provided to research groups, questionnaire survey groups and investigation agencies.
6) To provide a better service, the Company may outsource the management of customers' personal information to a company specializing the field.

As developing new techniques or upgrading services, the Company may reveal customers' personal information to a third party. In a situation like this, the Company has to inform the customer in advance of the agency or group that your personal information is to be made known to, reasons for disclosing the information and when to do it, and measures for monitoring use of customers' personal information. It has to gain the customer's consent first. Without the consent, the customer's personal information shall not be provided to a third party.

5. The customer's management of personal information stored by the Company
The customer can log in anytime to introduce, change and read his or her personal information. As receiving a request from a customer to access personal information that may have been deleted, the Company will take corresponding action immediately to prevent the information from being read or used in accordance with Article 3 "Personal information retention and use period."

6. Techniques and management measures for personal information protection
The Company adopts corresponding techniques and measures to ensure the safety of customers' personal information and prevent, in its use of the information, the information from being lost, stolen, leaked, forged or damaged. The Company provides the customer with a password to protect personal data in his/her account. Only the customer can confirm and change his/her personal data. Therefore, the password should not be let known to other people. The Company advises that the customer close the browser window after logging out of the account. When using a computer shared with others or a computer at a public place (such as company, school, library, and Internet cafe), the customer should pay more attention so that no personal information may be disclosed unwittingly.

To protect customers' personal information and prevent hacker intrusions and computer virus attacks from causing information leak or damage, the Company backups the data all the time, and initiates backup procedures to protect it. It adopts encryption algorithm to ensure the safety of personal information transmission. It also uses an anti-intrusion system to defend against illegal log-in attempts and ensure the security of the system.

The Company limits the number of personnel with access to customers' personal information to a minimum. To ensure the security of the information, the Company, when necessary, holds training sessions for this personnel, asking them to strictly follow its guidelines on personal information protection. The arrangement is aimed at finding problems early on and solving them as soon as possible.

7. About website cookies
As you visit our website, we may send cookies to you for storage in your computer hard disk or other device. Cookies are meant to provide you with better service, causing no harm to your personal information or the user environment. If the customer changes the computer settings, it may cause cookies to stop functioning. Under the condition, some functions may not be able to operate normally.

1) Advertising cookies: Advertisements on our website are powered by Google Ads. Cookies will be activated to access user information. These cookies are for advertising purposes only, with no use for other purposes. They do not contain any personally identifiable information. You have the right to disable these cookies but you have to take responsibility for the resulting inconveniences. For details about disabling cookies, please read the description on the Google page

2) Google Analytics : Our services count on Google Analytics to analyze and measure website traffic. In its analysis of website-related data, Google Analytics uses cookies to anonymously track user data without touching on personally identifable information.

8. Suggestions about access to customers' personal information and our response to customer complaint
As to the protection of customers' personal information and the handling of customer complaints, the Company has established a mechanism. The customer may call or send an email to the staff member listed below, who is responsible for the management of customers' personal information. We will provide consulting services or receive complaints. The Company will make a prompt response to the complaints.

9. Personal Information Manager and Complaint Processing Center -- name and contact information

Hanchao (HANCHAO INC.)

Personal Information Manager: PARK HAE SHIN

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