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Frequently Asked Questions

Member registration authorization email

I have not received the email yet.
Thirty minutes have passed since I received the authentication email. What shall I do if the authentication code turns invalid?

Register membership

Why should I register as a member?
What is the annual membership fee?
Can an enterprise also register as a member?
Can a minor have access to the service?
Can I use my phone to register membership?
How can customers' personal information be protected?
When registering as a member, I receive this message "invalid mailbox format "
What if I enter wrong information when registering membership?
What if I forgot the personal information I entered for registration? Can I re-register?
If I use a different computer, shall I re-register membership?
I have made double registration as a member. I want to delete one of the accounts.

Log in

I can not log in to my member account.

Reset password

I forgot the password.
I could not receive the " and retrieve password " email.
" "Retrieve password" " shows the message " not a registered member yet ".

Member data change and membership cancellation

I want to change my registration information (email address, contact means and address).
I may not use this account in the future. I want to cancel my membership.


Can non-members accumulate points and use them?
When can I get points?
By what means can I increase my points?
How can I use the points?
Do the points have an expiration date?
Can I use points while getting them at the same time?
Can I convert my points into cash?
Can I use my points to pay for products bought on the spot?
After making the reservation, can I use the points gained therefrom?
After the reservation has been made, shall the points gained therefrom be affected by a change in the payment amount because of a change in the reservation content?
If I cancel the reservation made with some of my accumulated points, can I get those points back?
Can I transfer my points to another account or combine them?
Where can I check my remaining points and their content?

Grade of membership

Where can I check my membership grade?
How many membership grades are there?
When can my membership grade reflect its value?
Is there an expiration date for membership grade?

Binding an external service account

Can I cancel the binding of my account to an external one?
I am already a member. Can I bind my account to an external one?
When I bind my account to an external one, say a Facebook account, do I need to use the email address for my Facebook account?
I bound an external account when registering membership. I do not remember whether I had set a password for that account. How can I know what the password is?
Shall any change to my external account information affect my Hanchao member account information?
How can I bind my account to an external one?
What is a bound external account?
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