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Frequently Asked Questions

Reservation and payment methods

If I have not determined the place to stay, can I make a reservation?
When shall I make the reservation at the latest?
Can one single person be accepted for participation?
May children participate as well?
If I travel with children, how much shall I be charged?
Do travel fees include taxes?
Will I be offered more competitive prices if I make the reservation directly from the organizer of the trip, beauty treatment or photo-taking sessions?
How shall I make the payment?
May I designate the tour guide or responsible person for my tour, beauty treatment or photo-taking sessions in South Korea?
If I do not have a printer to print out the reservation confirmation letter, what shall I do?
If the flight is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, shall a cancellation fee be incurred?

Reservation confirmation

I have not received any email after the reservation.
I can not find my order.
After entering my email address and reservation number, I am still unable to check the status of my reservation (as a non-member).
I do not know the reservation number (as a member).

Pick-up service

What does "pick up" and "drop off" mean?
Where can the pick-up (receiving )service start?
Where shall I wait at the hotel for pick-up service?
What should I do if no one shows up at the designated time?

Wi-Fi/mobile phone rental

I have made the reservation for a rental Wi-Fi router and a mobile phone, but I have not received the reservation confirmation letter. It seems a long time to me.
If I do not have a credit card, how shall I get the rental Wi-Fi router and mobile phone?
May I show the credit card of another person (such as my father or mother) when I go and get the rental Wi-Fi router and mobile phone?
If I pick up the rental items at one location and return them to another, will it be acceptable?
Can I pick up the devices in China?
May I know the number of the rental phone beforehand?
Will I get a discount if I rent the devices in South Korea?
My rental Wi-Fi router can not work normally.
Can I use unlimited data with the Wi-Fi router?


When will I get my ticket and enter the venue?
May I select a preferred seat in advance so as to have a better view?
May I wear a casual outfit to the performance?
Is there an autograph signing event after the performance?

Beauty treatment/Hanjeungmak sauna

May I use the service without a reservation?
For a reservation involving multiple participants, can it be changed if one of the participants wants to?
Do I have to bring anything with me?
Can I bring children with me?
I do not want to be in a state of undress in front of other people. May I be massaged with my clothes on?
Is the event OK for a woman having a period?
May I change part of my tour itinerary on the event day?
If I arrive later than the scheduled time, what shall I do?
Can I have the force applied to my body changed from to time as having a rubdown bath or massage?
I have a tattoo. May I use any of the services?
Are beauty parlor staff all females?


Will it be better to go to the parlor with makeup?
Are fake eyelashes available for free?
Are trinkets free to use?
May I wear my own clothes for the photo-taking?
May I change the series of arrangements on the event day?
After the photo-taking session is over, may I take photos freely? If I may, can I use the equipment in the studio?
Will the hairstyle and makeup made for the photo-taking be changed up or removed afterwards?
Can the photos be sent to me at the hotel?

Cultural experience

I want to have my children put on traditional Korean dress.
Do they provide traditional Korean dress for men or big-size traditional Korean dress?
May I take away items made during DIY sessions?

Tour of Panmunjom and DMZ

Can I make a reservation if I do not know my passport number (not received or not certain)?
I want to have a tour of Panmunjom and DMZ. Do I need to meet any requirements?
Is there any restriction on personal items?
Is there a dress code?
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