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Terms of Use for Review Section

About our right to delete comments and registered members

The Website forbids behaviors as listed below. Once the customer has been judged to be involved in certain banned behaviors, the Website has the right to delete your relevant comments or membership without having to give a notification in advance. If certain comments violate the user clause, the Website has the right to delete them. The Website is not obliged to give the customer a prior notification before changing and deleting your comments or depriving your membership.

Forbidden behaviors

1. Making comments on South Korean travel websites that are enough to harm the country's religious policy and endanger national security.
2. Making comments that attack, criticize and slander others or the Website.
3. Signing in multiple accounts and making similar comments using different account names.
4. Making comments that infringe on the copyright, personal information and other property rights of someone else or the Website, or are enough to damage the reputation of the afore-mentioned parties.
5. Making comments that can serve as advertisements.
6. Disseminating obscene and pornographic materials, information about violence, gambling and murder, and other forms of illegal information.
7. Creating contents banned by laws and regulations.
8. Spreading contents embedded with computer viruses, computer codes other than the Website's or links to malware.
9. Making comments that are pranks or with ambiguous contents.
10. Making the same comment again and again.
11. Posting information that has nothing to do with the service goals of the Website.
12. Doing improper acts that are considered to prevent the Website from providing services normally.
13. Usurping other people's accounts.

Copyright protection

1. As the customer posts information on the Website, the ownership of the information resides in the original creater, copyright holder and holder of other relevant rights.
2. The customer's reproduction, alteration, modification, display, transmission and propagation of information in the comment section must comply with all the rights and duties as specified in Copyright Law.
3. The customer, as accepting the user clause, has tacitly agreed and allowed the Website to reproduce, alter, modify, display, transmit, propagate, and publish (re-edit) the information he or she has posted in the comment section without having to make any payment.
4. With the customer's authorization, the Website's business partners may be provided with the information offered or posted by the customer. Under the circumstance, except for the customer's account name (user name), the Website will by no means provide his or her personal information to any third party before getting permission from him or her.
5. About the customer quoting other people's comments in his or her comments, the Website has regulations in place for the management of quotations.The quoted comments must be approved by the Website and can be used only after the third party authorizes the Website to reuse them for free.
6. The clause is still effective even after the customer stops using the Website or terminates his or her membership.

Responsibilities of the customer for comments posted on the Website

Opinions or advice posted in the comment section are those of customers, not of the Website. All sorts of damage that a customer may bring to a third party or the Website because of contents posted illegally by him or her in the comment section shall be the responsibility of him or her alone. The Website does not take any responsibility.

Amended on May 21, 2015

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