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Membership Terms of Use

The Hanchao (HANCHAO INC.) is committed to providing the customer with a service platform. Please consult the following clause for how to use the services provided by the Website.

Article 1: Scope of application
The clause is applicable to the Hanchao (HANCHAO INC.) and registered members as specified in Article 3.

Article 2: Website services
Website services are provided in accordance with the Hanchao (HANCHAO INC.)'s user clause. They include access to services provided by South Korean travel information websites, reservation service and response to customer inquiries.

Article 3: Register as a member
1. Please fill in required information, including name, address and contact means, as registering as a member.
2. Information provided by the customer to the Hanchao must be authentic and accurate.
3. The customer gets a Hanchao's user name verified by the Website to register as a member of Hanchao.
4. No registration fee.

Article 4: Use of Website services
The registered member, as accessing the Website, should take the initiative to abide by this clause and relevant regulations in other clauses.

Article 5: Points of Hanchao
1. Points of Hanchao awarded by the Website are an online currency we use in corporate operation. In accordance with regulations set by us, points are accumulated on the basis of reservations made and can be used for specific purposes.
2. Points of Hanchao collected from the Website can be used only at the Hanchao. They can not be converted into cash or transferred to a different owner.
3. When the customer cancels a reservation, we will take back points for it. When a reservation made with accumulated points is canceled, the points shall be given back to the customer.
4. When a transaction error or a point accumulation error happens, we have the right to make it right and deny points accumulated and used in improper ways.
5. Points take effect from the day they start to be collected till the end of the same month next year. Points not used during the effective period shall no longer be effective after the period. No points can be given back to the customer after the expiration date.
6. The points collected by a customer shall be automatically deleted after he or she loses membership. They can not be retrieved even after the customer re-registers as a member.
7.We have the final say over the clauses for points of Hanchao given out by the Website, amount of points given out, the ratio of points given out, when to give out points, nullity of points, nullity period and other issues related to Website points. Members of Hanchao are considered to agree to the clause.
8.We have the right to set upper and lower limits for points used as well as upper limits for points used during certain specific periods. Also, we may change the limits or add other restrictions without having to notify the customer in advance. Members of Hanchao are considered to agree to the clause.
9.When using the points of Hanchao, the member must type in correct email address and password. He or she must be the owner of the points. Even if a third party is using his or her account through illegal means, we still can make sure of his or her identity as long as he or she types in the right email address and password. We will not return any points of Hanchao used in this manner, nor will we take any responsibility.

Article 6: Grades of membership
1. The member grade is determined by the transaction records of the member. Different grades are eligible for different privileges. The member grade and its corresponding privileges are determined by transaction records and regulations as specified in the user clause of the Hanchao.
2. The member grade is effective for a duration of 1 year, starting from the day of the first effective reservation or the day a grade change happens. It is renewed every year.
3. The member grade shall be automatically upgraded before the expiration date if the member reaches the upgrade requirements. The effective period shall be renewed at the same time.
4. The points collected by a customer shall be automatically deleted after he or she loses membership. They can not be retrieved even after the customer re-registers as a member.

Article 7: Membership cancellation
The customer who has been judged by the Hanchao to have violated any regulation in the clause or have committed banned acts specified in Article 6 shall be deprived of his or her membership without getting any prior notification.

Article 8: Forbidden behaviors
The Website does not allow the following behaviors.
a. Filling in fake personal information when registering as a member.
b. Making a false or improper application.
c. Posing as someone else to log in to the Website and ask for relevant services.
d. Any behavior that may prevent the Website from operating normally or have any negative influence on the Website.
e. Any behavior that infringes or may infringe on the rights of other members and a third party.
f. Any behavior that may violate social order and morals.
g. Other behaviors, besides the above-mentioned ones, which the Website considers to be improper.

Article 9: Personal information of the member
Personal information and other data that the Hanchao has collected shall be used only to provide the customer with relevant services. In accordance with relevant laws, the Hanchao may disclose members' personal information in the following circumstances:
a. Under the request of public institutions with rightful authority
b. Under the agreement of the member
c. To apply for services reserved by the customer, the Website has to disclose part of his or her personal information to other cooperating companies.

Article 10: Suspension of Website services
When problems with the Website's maintenance and reservation systems occur, we will suspend Website services without giving any notification.

Article 11: Disclaimer
1. Losses that a member of the Website brings to others by taking advantage of Website services shall be dealt with by the member himself or herself. The Website does not take any responsibility.
2. Inconveniences or losses that a member of the Website suffers because of problems with the communications environment are not the responsibility of the Website.

Article 12: Others
1. The Hanchao reserves the right to amend the user clause and the amendment shall be made known to registered members in a proper way.
2. If problems other than the ones specified in the user clause occur, the two parties shall coordinate with each other to handle the problems in a harmonious way.
3.If a dispute between the two parties over Website services can not be solved, the case shall go to the court in the region, where the Company is located.

Amended on Auguest 18, 2015

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