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Terms of Use for Tour Reservations

HanchaoBooking tour packages and cultural performances via Hanchao is open for all Internet users. Register for free as members of Hanchao to make bookings online.

1. How to book and make sure if the order has come into effect

(1) Visit Hanchao and go to the reservation page, where you type in required information to start the reservation.

(2) Except bookings online, Hanchao does not accept reservations by telephone, letter and fax.

(3) After making the booking online, the customer will find the reservation confirmation letter on the "My Order" page of Hanchao's system. The reservation confirmation letter represents that the order has come into effect.
However, if the letter does not appear because of certain Internet or computer problems, the customer may use the reservation confirmation function to check the booking status. If the function works normally, it means that the order has come into effect.

2. Payment method

Hanchao accepts payment by Alipay, WeChat pay, UnionPay, and credit card (Visa, Master and JCB).
The card issuing bank, on behalf of the Website, charges the customer a sum of money for the booking according to currency exchange rates and payment methods.

※Hanchao will not keep the credit card information of the customer. It adopts a secure payment system developed by Hanchao Inc. to process payment.
And in accordance with a confidentiality agreement signed beforehand, Hanchao uses SSL encryption to process payment by credit card, which provides better protection for the cardholder.

※Payment by Alipay, WeChat pay and UnionPay accepts only Chinese RMB. Payment by credit card is to be completed in your billing currency, with an equivalent sum converted from Won.

※Please check details of the Third Party Payment terms of WeChat pay(Written in Chinese) HERE(click)

3.Order cancellation and change

(1) The registered member may ask to cancel the entire order or part of it or just to make some changes. Go to the "My Order" page, where you can change or cancel the order. Only the person who made the booking can ask to cancel it.

(2) The customer shall be charged a processing fee or default penalty for canceling or changing the order.
※Some of our products charge a cancellation fee. Please check it on the tour and cultural performance pages, where there is a relevant description in the must-knows about reservation section.

・Order canceled 2 days prior to scheduled date: 50% of the payment for the ordered tour/cultural performance
・Order canceled 1 day prior to and on scheduled day: 100% of the payment for the ordered tour/cultural performance

※Please note that the above-mentioned rule covers changes made to an order, including the date and number of participants.
※When the customer wants to cancel the order having been paid by Alipay, a processing fee, 3% of the payment for the tour/ cultural performance, shall be charged in accordance with Alipay overseas service policy.
※ The order can not be canceled if the cancellation request is submitted over 80 days (Alipay), over 180 days (UnionPay), over 90 days (WeChat Pay) and over 1 year (credit card) after the day of payment.

(3) A cancellation request made during non-service hours of the reservation center of the Website shall be processed on the next day and be taken as a request submitted on that day.

(4) Order cancellation or change made out of factors beyond the control of the Website is to be charged a default penalty in accordance with regulations set by the organizer of the ordered tour/ cultural performance.

・If a flight cancellation happens (normally no default penalty), non-refundable conditions do occur in accordance with regulations set by the organizer of the tour/cultural performance.

※Railway products and flowers are items that, once booked, can not be exempted from default penalities paid by the buyer.
※Please contact the Website reservation center or the organizer of the booked tour/cultural performance as soon as possible on the day the cancellation of a flight or liner trip is confirmed. A default penalty shall be incurred starting from the day after the cancellation of the flight or liner trip.
※If not for force majeure factors but for factors on the part of the airliner, the flight cancellation shall incur a default penalty.

・The "Notice regarding restrictions on departures" posted on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(5) When an emergency happens and you have to cancel the order on the day your booked tour/cultural performance starts, please contact the organizer if during non-service hours of the Website reservation center.

4. Hanchao's statement of Responsibility and Disclaimer

(1) Economic losses that the customer suffers because of faults on the part of Hanchao when booking a tour /cultural performance from Hanchaoshall be compensated. The amount of compensation falls within the payment for the booked tour/cultural performance. The compensation request should be made within 1 month of the happening of economic losses.

(2) Losses that the customer suffers because of misinformation in the email he or she sent to the Website, including fake information, information not provided as required and misspellings, and also because of his or her failure to double check are not the responsibility of Hanchao.

(3) Problems developed between a registered member and the organizer of the tour/cultural performance orded by him or her are not the responsibility of Hanchao.

(4) Hanchao does not take responsibility for the cancellation of or changes to a tour/cultural performance because of factors beyond the control of the organizer.
・Changes to the customer's ordered tour/cultural performance because of force majeure factors, ranging from natural disaster, fire, accident, order issued by government and authorities concerned, coup, labor strike, war, turbulence, epidemic, quarantine to customs control.
・Losses caused not by factors on the part of the organizer of the ordered tour/cultural performance, but by theft, fraud, violence, disease and accident.
・Losses caused by the registered member's violation of laws and regulations, public order and good morals

(5) Hanchao retains the right to change information about the tours, cultural performances and special offers posted. It does not guarantee the completeness of the information but will try its best to reduce losses and negative influences that the Website member might encounter.

(6) Information about tours/cultural performances posted on the Website are subject to change. No notification shall be given. If prices change after a successful reservation, the reservation is still charged the original price. No refund shall be given if there is a price difference.

5. Others

(1) After the payment has been verified, the reservation center shall send the "reservation confirmation letter" to you. Please present the "confirmation letter" on the commencement day of the tour.

(2) If the customer is found to have done a malicious act (such as intentional no-show), Hanchao will deprive him/her of his/her membership.

Amended on November 7, 2019

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