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【Until June】 Prepaid Card & Membership
During the event, a set of Shilla Duty Free coupons will be given for customers collect their duty free at Incheon and Gimpo Airports.
About Event
1. Free 10,000 won gift voucher
2. Silvercard membership voucher
3. Offer 4 kinds coupons

Pick-up location: Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport
Not applicable at other airport counters.

The vouchers can only be used at Shilla Duty Free Seoul Branch
The stock is limit, first come first served.
Terms of Use
【Validity Period】
2020-06-30 (Deadline for Participation is on this day)
【Free Gift】 Butter Waffle!
Customers booking via Hanchao can get a pack of butter waffle!
【Designated counters】All
One person can only get 1 pack.
The number is limited, first come first served.
Customers paying with coupons are also included in this event. (However, when the quantity is insufficient, the reservation customers will be served first).
The actual ones may differ from the picture.
Can be applied with other discounts.
Terms of Use
【Validity Period】
2020-03-13~2020-05-31 (Deadline for Participation is on this day)
【Discount】 40% off on rental fee!
The basic fee 3000 won is now available at the price of 1000 won/day(tax is not included) if you book through Hanchao!
Applied to customers book with coupons.
An additional 10% tax will be charged.
The fee above does not include calling fee and internet data fee.
Can be applied with other promotions.
(Please show the following content to the staff.)
특전. 기본요금 60% OFF!

내용: 코네스트 예약 시, 기본 요금 3,000원 → 1,000원(1일당) 이용 가능

비고: 일반휴대폰, 스마트폰 모두 적용
※기간 제한 없음
※10% 세금 별도
※렌탈료에 데이터 통신료는 포함되지 않습니다.
Terms of Use
【Validity Period】
※ Travelers should book their coupons directly from the stores.
※ Travelers can also enjoy Hanchao event promotions when showing the coupons using their mobile phones.
※ Travelers making rentals during the event will be charged with the discount price when checking out.
※In addition to the rental fee and the calling fee, an additional 10% tax will be charged.
※휴대폰으로 이 화면을 제시해도, 쿠폰 혜택은 적용됩니다.
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