Home Seoul 「2019 The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu」 Show Ticket(Currently Unavailable)
Home Seoul 「2019 The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu」 Show Ticket(Currently Unavailable)

「2019 The Palace: Tale of Jang Noksu」 Show Ticket(Currently Unavailable)

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A dangerous story in Joseon Dynasty! A dangerous Cinderella with love and desire!

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▪ Whether you can speak Korean or not, this non-verbal performance is something anyone can enjoy, and important plots will have reminders in Chinese and English.

▪ The story is about Jang Noksu, a dangerous Cinderella in Joseon Dynasty. She won the favor of the emperor Yeonsangun and her power was unmatched back in the day. She lived a stormy life full of ups and downs.

▪ Watch a dramatic story presented through traditional Korean dance and gorgeous stage background. Watch this musical and experience the charm of traditional Korean culture!

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Story outline
During the time that Yeonsangun was on the throne in Joseon Dynasty, Jang Noksu, a lowly servant, used her innate talent to win her chance for promotion by Prince Je-an and became a kisaeng.

She became the star of kisaeng after learning all kinds of arts. She was noticed by Yeonsangun and eventually controlled the harem.

She was a servant and kisaeng, then she became the emperor's concubine. She didn't want to give up her power. Therefore, she used Yeonsangun to keep an eye on the conduct and deeds of ministers. She also used the sincerity of Prince Je-an......
Story Background
In the long history of the Joseon Dynasty, Yeonsangun was the 10th king and he was known for tyranny. Yeonsangun was indulged in pleasure, such as hunting and arts. He also loved to search for beautiful women all over the country. The Royal Court was under serious financial pressure and Jang Noksu was one of the causes of the pressure.
Armed peasant groups were formed because they couldn't stand the long-term despotic rule.
Yeonsangun was overthrown by a palace coup launched by ministers before long. He was deposed and Jang Noksu was evicted from the palace.
The story of Yeonsangun and Jang Noksu still appears in many dramas and movies nowadays.

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8-11, Jeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul Map
(서울특별시 중구 정동 8-11 B1F)
[Address with Road Names]43, Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
(서울특별시 중구 정동길 43 , B1F)
Subway Line2 City Hall Station

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