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KT 4G Prepaid SIM Card(Incheon, Gimpo, Busan)

KRW3,500~/Days(about USD3) 2.7 (55 Reviews) 3.4K booked Available Today Instant Confirmation
Free cancellation available
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Switch your SIM card at the Korean airport for unlimited mobile data!

▪ Keep in touch with family and friends while you are in Korea.

▪ Compared to Wi-Fi routers, which can be shared by multiple people, the SIM card only needs to be inserted into a personal mobile phone.

▪ No weight and no need to charge. Throw away right after use, no need to return.

▪ One of the 3 largest telecommunications companies in Korea.

▪ The network is stable and fast with unlimited LTE/3G data.

▪ Share your travel experiences in Korea with your friends anytime!

▪ Different packages can be selected according to the number of traveling days, convenient and affordable!

▪ Notice of Change in Operating Hours

-the counter in Gimpo International Airport and Gimhae Airport will be temporarily closed until June 30.(20.06.01)

Package Options

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Hanchao Promotion

  • Discount for Prepaid Data SIM (Data Only)!
    (Detailed Information)
    No subscrption fee needed!Basic fee:6,000won/25,000won/35,000won。
    An additional 10% charge of tax will be applied.

Follow for information

・Besides usage fee, there is a 10% additional tax.
Basic rates (as announced on participation day)
1-DAY SIM Card
(Unlimted data)
6,000 KRW
5-DAY SIM Card
(Unlimted data)
25,000 KRW
(5,000 KRW/day)
10-DAY SIM Card
(Unlimted data)
35,000 KRW
(3,500 KRW/day)

Prepaid Data SIM (Data Only) phone call and SMS
Phone call Call No service
Receive Within South Korea: free
International call: free
SMS/MMS Send No service
Receive Free
Prepaid SIM (Data+Voice+SMS) phone calls and SMS
Phone calls
Call Within South Korea: 4.4 KRW/ second
International call: varying from country to country
Receive Within South Korea: free
International call: free
SMS/MMS Send Within South Korea: 110 KRW each
Outside South Korea: 330 KRW each
MMS not available
Receive Free
Data limit
LTE/3G Unlimited
The prepaid data SIM card, as used during the rental period, allows access to 3GB of data per day (LTE phones given first priority). After the data cap is reached, the phone will continue to run but at a speed of 5Mbps. The phone speed will return to normal after midnight.

SIM card Description
SIM card type Data Prepaid SIM/Prepaid SIM
(compatible with Micro and Nano phones)

▪ Items to bring with you
1.Reservation confirmation letter
2. Passport
3. You can pay the bill with credit card, China Unionpay Card, or in cash. No deposit is required since the SIM card does not need to be returned.

▪ Points to note
1. No deposit required
2. Return policy
After paying the bill, you shall not return the card for personal reasons.
Before placing an order, please make sure at the counter that the phone is compatible with a KT SIM card.
3. The SIM card is for use in South Korea only.
4. Usage time starts from the moment you place an order at the KT counter. From then on, every 24 hours counts as 1 day.
【Prepaid Data SIM (Data Only)】
1. Usage time is not extendable.
2. The product is for data access only, not for phone calls or short messages (SMS, LMS and MMS).
【Prepaid SIM (Data+Voice+SMS)】
1. During usage period, please visit the KT website, where you can apply for adding credit to your phone for voice communication service and extending usage period. Usage period of 1-day pass is not extendable. http://roaming.kt.com/rental/chn/main.asp
Plese note that outside service hours, both pick-up and return services are not provided.

Seoul - Incheon International Airport Terminal 1
1. Counter between Gate 4 and 5 on Arrivals Floor on 1F(Wi-Fi Rental only)
・Service hours:7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (all year)

2. Counter between Gate 6 and 7 on Arrivals Floor on 1F
・Service hours:24 hours (all year)

3. Counter between Gate 10 and 11 on Arrivals Floor on 1F
・Service hours:6 a.m. to 10 p.m. (all year)

V. SIM Card vending machines at counter between A and B on Arrivals Floor on 1F
・Service hours:7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (all year)

※Prepaid SIM Card is available for pick up at roaming centers and SIM Card vending machines
Seoul - Incheon International Airport Terminal 2
1. Next to the Information counter between Gate 2 and 3 on Arrivals Floor on 1F
・Service hours:24 hours(1am~4am somtimes not available)all year.

2. In front of the entrance of PARIS BAGUETTE on Arrivals Floor on 1F
・Service hours:7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (all year)
Seoul - Gimpo International Airport
・Near Gate 1 in Arrivals Hall on 1F
・Language: Chinese (only when Chinese-speaking staff members are on duty) and English
・Service hours: 07:00~23:00(all year)
Busan Gimhae International Airport
・Pick-up: Near Gate 2 and 3 in Arrivals Hall on 1F

・Service hours: 06:00~22:00(all year)
・Language: Chinese (only when Chinese-speaking staff members are on duty) and English

1. The installation of the SIM card on the phone and connecting the phone to the Internet have to be done by yourself. Consult the user manual if necessary.
2. Approaches to iPhones and Android phones vary. Please consult the user manual for details.
3. During usage period, if you have problems, please call KT olleh Customer Service Center: 02-2190-0901

Q1. Do I need to print out the reservation confirmation letter?
A1. Without a printout, you may show the confirmation image on your phone.
If with neither, you may tell your name and Hanchao order number to the counter clerk.

Q2. May I make a purchase without a credit card?
A2. If you do not have a credit card, you may pay with China Unionpay Card or in cash (KRW only)

Q3. Do I need to return the SIM card?
A3. You do not need to return the card.

Q4. If I fail to get to the counter within service hours to process the rental reservation, what shall I do?
A4. If you fail to get to the counter within service hours to process the rental reservation, your reservation shall be cancelled automatically. No cancellation fee shall be incurred.

Q5. May I change the reservation date?
A5.You may cancel the reservation to make a new one. No processing fee shall be incurred. If you encounter problems when making a new reservation, please contact Reservation Center. On the pick-up day, no changes of any sort shall be made.

Q6. May I extend the rental period?
A6. Only the Prepaid SIM card (data+voice+SMS), which comes in a 5-day pass and a 10-day pass, allows an extension of usage period. You need to visit the KT website to make an application. http://roaming.kt.com/rental/chn/main.asp

KT Roaming Center Customer Service Hotline
Phone number: 02-2190-0901
Service hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Booking Notes

▪ This product cannot accumulate or be purchased with Hanchao points.

※Please make your payment on-site.
Sold Regularly(Until 2020-12-31)
Included Service
Prepaid SIM Card

Cancel Policy

・The cancellation of an order successfully reserved shall not incur any fees.

Upload Date
Update Date

※ The posted information may be changed without additional notice. Please be aware that the integrity of the posted information is not guaranteed.

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