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AREX Incheon Airport ExpressTrain Ticket

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Duration : 43 - 51 minutes
Available at any time during the validity period/Validity date varies from the products
Must be redeemed in advance for physical tickets

Booking confirmation is issued immediately, and the minimum time between Incheon International Airport Station and Seoul Station is only 43 minutes!

▪ Direct train between Incheon Airport and Seoul Station! It only takes 43 minutes from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 and 51 minutes from Terminal 2 to reach Seoul Station!

▪ After arriving Seoul station from Incheon Airport, you can directly transfer to other lines,no need to purchase the ticket again.

▪ Best Price among all!Only need the reservation number to collect your ticket. (If you need a connected seat, please exchange your ticket at the ticket office)

▪ From Seoul Station to Incheon Airport, you can use Seoul Station City Airport Terminal, early check-in for your flights and arrive the airport easily without luggage!

▪ From Incheon Airport to Seoul Station, If you have too much luggage or need to go to another place before checking in, you can book the Incheon Airport Luggage Delivery Service.

▪ Notice: A deposit of 500 won needed when redeeming, the deposit can be retrieved using the ticket vending machine at the arrival station.

▪ AREX (Incheon Airport Express Train) has been temporarily suspended.(2020.09.24)

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▪ Early check-in for flights (Seoul Station City Airport Terminal)
Travelers can do check-in in advance, luggage checking and immigration inspection at the Seoul Station City Airport Terminal. The check-in and inspection facilities are located on the B2, you can see it after going through the ticket gate and entering the Main Hall of the Airport Express.

※Please check in at Seoul Station in advance when using Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 & Terminal 2
※Airlines available for early check-in:
Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, t'way Airline, and Eastar Jet Airline international flights.
(Not including shared flights operated by Jeju Air and other airlines.)
※ Check-in is available 3 hours before departure (3 hours and 20 minutes for boardings at Incheon Airport Terminal 2).
Tickets will be 1-time transportation card.
▪ About Tickets
Use the ticket vending machine at Incheon International Airport (Terminal 1, Terminal 2) station or at Seoul Station ticket vending machine to purchase a 1-time transportation card.
※ The deposit of 500 won required while redeeming the ticket.

Ticket exchange method:
1. Press the "Exchange (교환)" button on the ticket vending machine.
2. Enter the 13-digit "Reservation No." from the Hanchao Booking Confirmation Letter.
3. Pay the 500 won deposit (can be paid in cash or an overseas credit card)
4. Complete the process

※ From December 16, 2019, tickets can only be exchanged through automatic ticket machines.
※ Please make sure to keep the receipt and train ticket as the seat number is printed on them.
※ The deposit required for one card is 500 won (a deposit of 1,000 won is required when booking tickets for 2 cards).
※ The deposit can be retrieved at the arrival station's ticket vending machine (the deposit made by a credit card can also be retrieved in cash).
※You can assigned seats at automatic vending machine, while it may not be connected.
▪ Incheon Airport Terminal 1 Redeeming Location
The redeeming location for AREX Direct Train is about 5 minute walk from Incheon Airport Terminal 1.
The B1 floor of the 1st traffic center is connected to the 1st terminal building. Following the airport railway sign, and you can find the ticket machine next to the ticket gate.
【Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Ticket Office】
Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Service Center (B1F, Incheon International Airport)

【Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 Ticket Office】
B1 of Terminal 2, service center at the entrace of trains and the Airport Express

【Seoul Station Ticket Office】
Seoul Station Airport Express Ticket Office (B2F, Airport Express A'REX Seoul Station)

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Booking Notes

※ Please be seated based on the arrangement after redeeming the "booking confirmation letter" into a train ticket. The seat number can be found on the receipt.
▪ There are bathrooms located inside the Express train compartments.

Sold Regularly
Included Service
Provide a redemption voucher for the Airport Express "A’REX" ticket
Age Restriction
over the age of 13
Children can participate for free
under the age of 6

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