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Wider range, more time saving! Enjoy car rental service in your Korea trip!

▪ No needs to worried for tons of shopping bag, no time limit even with the traffic jam!

▪ Both Gimpo Airport and Incheon Airport's Terminals 1 and 2 have branches. It is easy to collect at arrival and return at departure, very convenient!

▪ Provide Kia, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes, Audi and other brands to meet different needs!

▪ GPS navigation (English and Korean) has been installed for free. Don't be afraid to get lost, start a safe and comfortable trip to Seoul!

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【Rental Spot in Gimpo Airport】

1. Out from GATE 1
2. Crosswalk on the left

3. Walk through the crosswalk
4. Wlak through anoth one

5. International Lines underground parking area entrance on the left
6. Take the elevator down to B1

7. Arrive in the underground parking lot
8. Pleasebe careful to the vehicles while walking, and reach the green A4 pillar on the left side.

9. There is a vehicle waiting near the green A4 (the staff waits with holding the sign when there is other vehicle).

【Returning spot in Gimpo Airport】

1. Please go to the international parking lot entrance
2. There is a parking lot on the right side at 1F(2F on the left side)
【Rental Spot in Incheon Airport T1】

1. Out from the Arriving Hall Exit 5 (1F)
2. Walk through the crosswalk

3. Wlak through anoth crosswalk
4. About 5 meters to the left

5. Walk past the crosswalk to the parking area A
6. The traffic center building can be seen on the right side.

7. Enter the first entrance on 1F of the transportation center
8. The staff is standby at the square

【Returning spot in Incheon Airport T1】

1. Walk into the second door on the left side of the short-term parking lot (단기주차장) (the entrance to the parking lot on the ground)
2. After parking in the parking area A, please move to the square (with staff waiting)
【Rental Spot in Incheon Airport T2】

1. Out from the Arriving Hall Area A (1F)
2. Move to Exit 1

3. Exit from Exit 1
4. Walk across the crosswalk

5. Walk past another crosswalk
6. Go forward through the left side of Automatic Pay Station

7. Go to the 130-139 area
8. With vehicle waiting

【Returning spot in Incheon Airport T2】

1. Move to the left side with the sign point to the 1F(지상1층)
2. Go straight toward the entrance
●About fees
Q1. Is there any limit or additional fee about the driving distance?
A1. There is no limitation or additional fee for the driving distance.

Q2. Will there be additional charges when returning over the scheduled time?
A2. Fees will be charged for the excess time. Please consult the on-site staff for the specific amount.

●About vehicles
Q1. Is the ETC card already installed or can I rent it?
A1. ETC cards are installed in some vehicles and ETC cards cannot be rent.

Q2. Should children use the child safety seat?
A2. Children must sit in the child safety seat while riding.

Q3. Can I rent the child safety seat?
A3. Yes. The fee is 10,000 won/day. If you need to rent the child safety seat, please contact the reservation center in advance.

Q4. Can I use me own child safety seat?
A4. Yes, It can be used and needs to be installed by the customer.

Q5. Can I rent Non skid tires?
A5. The installed tires can be used in all seasons. It is impossible to rent Non skid tires.

Q6. Is there navigation on the car? Additional fees needed?
A6. Free navigation has been installed. (※ only supports Korean and English)

Q7. Does the rental car be equipped with a driver?
A7. No

Q8. Can I return the vehicle at another designated location?
A8. Can be returned at other locations. Additional charges may be incurred for returning the vehicle at a non-designated location, please consult with the on-site staff if needed.

Booking Notes

▪ The holder who has obtained the driver's license for less than one year cannot rent the vehicle.
▪ General vehicles must be rented for 21 years old or above, and imported vehicles must be rented for 26 years old or above. Please be noticed that If the age does not meet the requirements you cannot rent the car or have refund.
▪ International Driving Permit D needed for booking vehicle for 10 people or above.
▪ Long-term rental over than 30 days please contact the reservation center directly.
▪ You must present: International Driving Permit for drivers (up to 2).
▪ The vehicle has only 50% fuel at the time of collection. If you want a full tank of fuel, please contact the reservation center in advance.
▪ The amount of fuel when returing must be the same as the amount at the time of collection, and no refund will be given if the amount of fuel is exceeded.
▪ All vehicles are smoking prohibited inside.
▪ Pets can be placed in the pet carrier to travel with.
▪ Customers who like to use child safety seat should contact the reservation center in advance.

Sold Regularly(Until 2020-09-30)
Included Service
Car rental fee(including 50% fuel), car insurance

Cancel Policy

・2 days before participating day: 50% of the total amount
・0~1 day before participating day: 100% of the total amount

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