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Home Seoul Fireman Show Ticket (myeongdong)

Fireman Show Ticket (myeongdong)

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Duration : 75 minutes
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The most beautiful retrograde——Firemen play the main roles and present a vital performance

▪ The most beautiful retrograde! Focusing on the training life and growth of firefighters, it tells the story of firemen rescue people from fire fearlessly and the thrilling process, while they never stop their steps.

▪ Combined with parkour,dancing, juggling, comedy…various elements together, The atmosphere is super tense and exciting, yet it was funny and interesting, make you unable to take you eyes off!

▪ Actors use their body language to thoroughly demonstrate the ruthless training of trainees, humanitarianism, and senses of mission and justice.

▪ The venue is located nearby Euljiro 3-ga station, easily to arrive. Around the theater there are lots of good restaurants, also it’s close to Myeongdong and Dongdaemun.

・Due to the organizers, bookings have been temporarily suspended.(2020.05.28)

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▪ Endless cool, amazing skills! Enjoy the charm of "parkour"

At FIREMAN, parkour is a part of the show. Parkour is an extreme sport originated form France. It relies on your body to walk on, jump over and climb through various places effectively, such as tall buildings, bridges and walls, without any tool. It has high risk factors and it is very exciting. Parkour has glamorous actions, winning the titles of "kamiwaza" and "ninja sport". It is a sport difficult for common people. How will it surprise you on stage? Let's wait and see.
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Booking Notes

▪ Seats are determined by the organizer on the day of the performance and cannot be assigned in advance.
▪ The box office is open 1 hour before the show. Admission begins 15 minutes before the show.
▪ You can collect a brochure in English at the venue. Some staffs can speak English. No English subtitle is available.
▪ No wheelchair accessible row, restroom or elevator is available.

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Age Restriction
over the age of 3
18-5, Cho-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul Map
(서울특별시 중구 초동 18-5)
[Address with Road Names]47, Mareunnae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
(서울특별시 중구 마른내로 47)

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