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SAFEX Luggage Delivery Service (Incheon Airport Terminal 1 - Hotel)

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Incheon Airport Terminal 1 ⇔ Hotel - Send your Luggage Ahead to Travel Light in Korea!

▪ Baggage delivery service at Incheon Airport makes your Korea trip more convenient and comfortable.

▪ Luggage can be delivered to more than 300 hotels in Seoul and the Travel Center at Hongik University Station.

▪ When arriving, bring your luggage to Safex and head straight to popular attractions or idol’s concerts!

▪ When leaving, hand your luggage to the staff at the hotel to make efficient use of the last day of the tour!

▪ Present Hanchao’s booking reservation and fill out a simple form to complete the process, which is convenient and easy!

▪ Free your hands, solve the troubles caused by heavy luggages, and make the best use of your precious vacation time!

・The bookings has been temporarily suspended.(2020.11.23)

■Click here to check out available hotels. ・Hotels with no searching results are undeliverable hotel. ・[B ZONE] hotels marked in the hotel searching list (Gangnam-gu, Jiangxi-gu, Gwangjin-gu, Yeouido) only provide ★ daytime services. 【Terminal 2 Airlines】 Korean Air, Delta Air Lines, Air France, KLM ・For customers flying with the above airlines, please apply from the reservation page of the terminal 2. ▶Terminal2: Booking SAFEX Luggage Delivery Service (Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Hotel)

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▪ Incheon Airport
Luggage Delivery Times(SAFEX Travel Store, Incheon Airport B1)
・Day: 07:00~15:00 for same-day delivery
・Night: 15:00 ~ 18:00 for same-day delivery

Luggage Pick-up Times
・Day: 14:00 ~ 22:00 for same-day delivery
・Night: 17:00 ~ 22:00 for same-day delivery
・Location: Near the Airport Railroad All-Stops Platform (can enter at any time without a ticket) at Incheon Airport

▪ Hongik Univ. Station Travel Center
・Luggage delivery times: 8:00 AM~11:00 AM for same-day delivery *Please be punctual*
・Luggage pick-up times: 7:00 PM~9:00 PM for same-day delivery
・Location: Near No.5 Exit, Underground B2, Airport Railroad Hongik Univ. Station (Near the Staff Room)
The Hongik Univ. Station Travel Center is located within the ticket barrier. If you will not be taking the subway then contact the subway staff for access without a ticket.

▪ Luggage Sizes
[Small] Sum of the height, width and length is less than 90 cm. (e.g. Backpacks, shopping bags)
[Medium] Sum of the height, width and length is less than 115 cm. (e.g. Boarding case)
[Large] Sum of the height, width and length is less than 158 cm. (e.g. Travel luggage)
[X-Large] Sum of the height, width and length is greater than 158 cm. (e.g. Golf bags)

Booking Notes

▪ Prohibited Items: Items that are vulnerable to damage or corrosion, high-valued personal electronics such as laptops, cameras, tablets, cash, precious metals, securities, contracts, passports, personal identification, keys, antiques and other items of uncertain value.
▪ Additional fees apply if the luggage is not picked up by the customer during the specified time.
▪ Luggage will discarded if it is not picked up 30 days after the specified date.
▪ Maximum compensation for lost luggage is 500,000 Won. ("Travel Store" is liable for basic compensation except loss or damage that is made intentional or due to special conditions).
▪ No compensation if the luggage is damaged due to over-weight or over-packed situations(including damage or loss of luggage or contents)
▪ No compensation for slight scratches, smears or dents that occur during normal handling of goods.
▪ No compensation for damage due to irresistible factors.
▪ No compensation if there is no detailed list of luggage contents provided by customers.
▪ No compensation for loss or damage of stuff inside of the luggage.
▪ No luggage delivery service to hotel that is not actually staying.
▪ [B ZONE] hotels marked in the hotel searching list (Gangnam-gu, Jiangxi-gu, Gwangjin-gu, Yeouido) only provide daytime services.
▪ Service may be delayed or even canceled due to traffic conditions or express train operating times on the day.
▪ Please present the hotel booking confirmation when handling luggage at the airport counter.
▪ Service is restricted to hotels in Seoul (hostels are excluded). Please note that luggage delivery may not be available for some hotels.

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[Notice of Change in Business Hoursnotes before your booking]
・From March 4 to April 3 2020, the opening hours of the Travel Store counter of Incheon Airport Terminal 1 will be changed.
Before 07:00~22:00
After 08:00~18:00
・The service of Hongik Univ. Station Travel Center will be suspended from March 4, 2020 to April 30, 2020.

※ The posted information may be changed without additional notice. Please be aware that the integrity of the posted information is not guaranteed.

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