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Panmunjom Tour (International Cultural Service Club)

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Duration : 9.5 hours
English、Japanese guide
Round-trip service

(Tue & Sat) Experience the split between North and South Korea first-hand! A great choice for a weekend trip

▪ Departs every Tuesday and Saturday to visit the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), where people were strictly forbidden from accessing the zone, to experience the vigilant atmosphere of the Korean Peninsula's division firsthand!

▪ The tour also includes Imjingak Park, where you can see the North Korea, the Freedom Bridge that connected both side, mysterious #3 Tunnel and Panmunjom, located near the DMZ, these itinerary can only book through professional travel agencies.

▪ It offers a first-hand look at the history of separation, bears witness to the splitting of the Korean peninsula.

・Due to the organizers, bookings have been temporarily suspended.(2020.10.30)

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Booking Notes

▪ Bring your passport. If you do not bring your passport on the day you will not be able to go on the tour.
▪ Tourists of the following nationalities are asked to scan the passport page with their photo and send it to 7 days before participation.
Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, India, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Egypt, etc.
▪ Name (English name from the passport), passport number, and scanned file of passport must be submitted. Tourists that do not submit these in advance will not be able to go on the tour. Any tourists that renew their passport or change their English name after the submitting the above information must submit the updated information again. If the name and number on the passport does not match the details submitted in advance, you will not be able to go on the tour. There will no refund if you are unable to go on the tour because you did not submit the above information.
▪ Due to security reasons, the customers with hearing difficulties and customers in wheelchairs must be accompanied by a carer during the tour. Please contact the booking center before booking the tour.
▪ Those who violate the following rules will be banned from the Panmunjom tour.
- Consumption of alcohol before visiting Panmunjom is prohibited. Consumption of alcohol at lunch before visiting Panmunjom in the afternoon is prohibited.
- Dress rules: No uniforms, leather outfits (all colors), jeans (unless they are not faded or ripped), shorts, mini-skirts, sleeveless tops, fancy clothing, tights, military-style clothing, tracksuits, sandals, thongs, scarves or jackets printed with their brands, as well as clothing and hats with eye-catching designs (e.g. sport team names).
▪ No wheelchairs, walking sticks or umbrellas (raincoats can be carried).
▪ There may be unexpected changes to the itinerary due to the nature of the DMZ.
▪ It may not be possible to enter the Conference Room at Panmunjom. Parts of the tour may be subject to change or cancellation.
▪ South Korean and North Korean tourists can not book this tour.
▪ DMZ #3 Tunnel will be accessed by electric monorail (Sat) or on foot (Tue). Tunnel access will be on foot when the electric monorail is undergoing routine safety inspection or is out of order.
▪ The tunnel includes a small slope approximately 5 minutes in duration. Please wear clothing and shoes that are suitable for walking due to the uneven surface inside the tunnel.

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Shuttle Bus、English Tour Guide Lunch (marinated beef set), English-speaking guide (Panmunjom tours on Tuesday: If there are 8 or more Chinese tourists then Chinese-speaking guide is available)
Age Restriction
over the age of 11

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