Home Seoul Music Drama 《Art of Seduction》 Tickets
Home Seoul Music Drama 《Art of Seduction》 Tickets

Music Drama 《Art of Seduction》 Tickets

USD20USD34 4.1 (14Items) 109 booked Available Tomorrow Instant Confirmation
Cancellation available 3 days before
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Duration : 90 minutes
Fixed Date Ticket
Must be redeemed in advance for physical tickets

Develop your dating skills? Romantic comedy music drama that arouse with audience!

▪ Daehangno No.1 romantic comedy,a cheeky, sneaky romantic love story!

▪ The story is about a cartoonist bumped into a woman who looks almost the same with his first love after 10 years later…

▪ Interesting and arouse with the audience, also you may learn some useful skill!

▪ Equipped with English subtitle, no need to worried about the language barrier.

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Musical 《Art of Seduction》Story outline
You said you would meet your first love once again.Do you think we're meant to each other?
My first love I came across in 10 She's in front of me.

#1 search ranking!!
Get the publishing rights to the real-life romantic webtoon, 'Formal of Work'!

You need the right to publish the webtoon 'The Best of Work' to become an intern at the publishing company, to be a full-time employee!
"Give me the publishing rights!!!"

Our first love, 'The Moon,' looks like a star, or the same, and we're excited to meet the main character, 'The Moon,' a webtoon writer, 'Feng'
"Byeol, please accept my love!!”

Just the words "Feng"... Just in words, just in theory I learned to work...!!
"I'll make you a player!" Uh-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha"

Can 'Moon' make 'Feng' a player and win the right to publish?
Can I become a silver player and meet my first love, Star?

The competition for work, by work, for work begins!
Seating Chart

Booking Notes

※ Ticket exchange starts 60 minutes before the show.
Entry starts 10 minutes before the show.
※ The theater is located at 'ARTFOREST' 5F.
※ Pick-up service is not provided, please arrive 15 minutes earlier.
※ Entry is not allowed 3 minutes after the show starts.
※ The seats are arranged according to the booking order and cannot be designated.
※ You cannot leave the show after it begins.
※ English subtitles are provided.
※ Elevator is equipped.

Sold Regularly(Until 2020-02-29)
Included Service
Age Restriction
over the age of 7
1-66, Dongsung-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul Map
(서울특별시 종로구 동숭동 1-66)
[Address with Road Names]22, Daehak-ro 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
(서울특별시 종로구 대학로12길 22)
Subway Line4 Hyehwa Station

Cancel Policy

・2 days before participating day: 50% of the travel/performance payment
・0~1 day before participating day: 100% of the travel/performance payment

※ The rules above apply to reservation change (participating date and number of participants). Please take note of it.
※ Cancellation requests submitted during the non-business hours of the Hanchao Reservation Center will be treated as submitted on the next business day.
※ If the customer cancels an order paid for with Alipay because of a sudden change of mind, he or she has to be charged 3% of the payment for the travel/performance as a processing fee. It is based on Alipay overseas service policy.
※ An order can not be cancelled if the cancellation request is made too many days after the payment: over 80 days if you paid with Alipay, over 180 days if you paid with UnionPay, over 90 days if you paid with WeChat Pay and over 1 year if you paid with credit card.

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