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KR PASS(Korea Rail Pass)

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Unlimited-rides Train Pass for South Korea, the best choice for foreign tourists traveling in South Korea!

KR PASS (Korea Rail Pass) is a train travel pass for foreign tourists. The biggest advantage is that visitors can have unlimited use of South Korean trains including the KTX within specified times! With a total of 80 routes and more than 600 stations, visitors can travel freely on any commuter train for as many times as they like and enjoy traveling South Korea with zero concerns. In addition to standard tickets, discount tickets such as peer tickets and children's tickets are offered as well, which are very popular among local traveling backpackers.

▪ According to the organizer, the reservation is temporarily suspended. (2020.06.08)

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Booking Notes

【Booking restriction】
・Foreigners visiting Korea.
・Korean citizens (inclunding PR passport holders) are not allowed to use.
・Foreigners living in Korea can use it.

【About the types of PASS】
●Consecutive PASS: from the first date of commencement, it is valid for 3 days in-a -row.
Example:NORMAL PASS 3 days ticket: Valid from April 1st to 3rd when you start using it on the 1st.

●Select PASS (flexible): Choose the boarding date within 10 days from the first date of commencement. (cannot be changed after decided).
Example:NORMAL PASS 2 day ticket: When you exchange your ticket at the station on April 1st, you can designate the date (ex. 4/2, 4/8) within April 10.
※It is limited to 10 days from the first date of commencement.
※You can designate 2 days at a time when you exchange tickets, or within 10 days from the first date of commencement.

・SAVER PASS: passengers with same itinerary as a group of 2 to 5.
・NORMAL PASS can only book one person at a time.
・SAVER PASS has no age limit and the price is all the same.

[Required information]
● Enter the following information when booking.
- the name of all the participants (English name in passport), nationality, passport number, date of birth, date of use of KORAIL PASS, email address of the booker.
※The information above will be gave to the KORAIL.

●How to use
1. Make a booking on the Hanchao page.
2. Hanchao will issue a "KORAIL PASS" ticket (the ticket can be viewed in [Booking Confirmation])
3. Book the train ticket in advance on the KORAIL website [KORAIL official website]
※ Train tickets can be booked within 30 days.
4. Precautions for boarding
※All of the passengers taking "KORAIL PASS" have to bring a passport.
※You can designate your seat in the KTX ticket window.
※Please be sure to print the "KORAIL PASS" ticket out (screenshot is invalid).

●Other notes
※During the Spring Festival, KTX is expected to be fully booked. Also, the train will be crowded before and after holidays, so you might not be able to exchange for a seat during the period.
※The SRT opened on December 9, 2016 is not included in the usage of KORAIL PASS.
Ticket exchange can be made at the KORAIL PASS (Korean Railway Pass) station,excluding Dongtan station, Jije station and Cheonan-Asan station. Please pay attention to it.

How to choose a seat
1. After entering the official website, select "My Booking" page.
2. Enter the ticket number (check it on the e-ticket) or enter email address (on your booking confirmation) and password.
3. Click "Inquire" to select the seat.

※The seats are randomly assigned (please exchange tickets at the ticket office if you want to sit together but made different orders.)
※In the case of Select PASS Tickets, you have to select the date of travel on the official website before you choose your seat.
※The date of commencement can only be changed once.
※ When you choose first class seats, the fee will be automatically added.
※ You can save your electronic ticket to your mobile phone or print it out. You can show the e-ticket or printed ticket when the staff checkes the tickets.

※Select language (Chinese, English, Korean)
Go to the official website

Permanent (can be booked from 31 days to 6 days before the boarding day)
Included Service
Children can participate for free
under the age of 5

Cancel Policy

Upload Date
Update Date

※ The posted information may be changed without additional notice. Please be aware that the integrity of the posted information is not guaranteed.

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