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M cultour: DMC & CJ E&M Studio Tour

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Region :
Seoul Map
Duration :
About 4.5 hours
Language :
Payment Method :
Pay in Advance
Must be redeemed in advance for physical tickets
25.6K booked

A tour for watching the recording of M! Countdown, a popular music program!

▪ "M! Countdown" is broadcast every Thursday by South Korean Mnet TV station, which is a popular program about music billboard 。

▪ Enjoy the recording of a popular TV program 《M!Countdown》, Support for your favorite idol right there!

▪ Enjoy the rookie idols who are promoting their songs at the scene, also the popular idols' performance stage, and closely interact with your favorite idols!

▪ Free official Mnet souvenirs.

▪ You can visit recording studio, Sangam Cultural Square, also there are many TV stations around, you must pay a visit if you like Korean drama and movies!

▪ There is no limit on the number of visitors. You can also take the tour by yourself.

Notification from the Booking Center

・Changing rules of reservation In order to prevent the recent situation of selling in high prices after purchased, the restrictions are changed as follows. A maximum of 2 people per order. Please fill in the information of the participants accurately (the English name must match with the passport) In order to prevent transfer or resale to others, information changing will not be accepted after booking confirmed. If you want to change the participant's name, please cancel and re-book the tour. Only change requests of misspelled names are accepted and should be submitted on the question section in the order page. [Date] (Updated on February 10, 2020) No performance schedule during March according to the organizer.The schedule of April and after is still uncertain.

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This TV program is for K-POP music billboard and it is called THE SHOW. It is the first time that Youku Tudou from China cooperates with SBS from South Korea to release a TV show. It is on every Tuesday. The highlight of this show is that you can watch the glamorous performance of K-POP stars live. The ticket includes an entrance ticket for the observatory of N Seoul Tower. It is a two-in-one discount! Join the tour to watch the best show!

Booking the ticket for SBS THE SHOW >>

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Wi-Fi・Phone Rental

Booking Notes

Booking Notes
Depart 1People
Accepted Size for Reservation 1People (No more than two people per order)
Age Restriction over the age of 15
Children can participate for free None
Included Service Performance
Pick-up Service None
Payment Method Online Payment(Credit Card(VISA, MASTER, JCB))
※The payment method varies depending on the currency you are charged in.
Deadline Sold Regularly


1. Because the show only sells standing tickets, there might be situations like pushing, cutting in line or being stepped by others during the recording process.

▪ Therefore, children under the age of 15, the elders, pregnant women, patients, and people with bad health condition are forbidden to participate. Please understand.
▪ It is forbidden to wear slippers, sandals and other shoes with your toes exposed. Once found, the person will not be allowed to enter.
▪ Participants using crutches and wheelchairs will be arranged to the place next to the standing area. Please be sure to inform us when booking the ticket.
▪ If you don’t feel well or get injured during the recording process, please inform the staff quickly. (If the staff does not speak English, please use body language to let them know. Don't hold it and be sure to inform the staff right away.)
▪ Please do not deliberately push the people around you while watching the program. If you’re caught doing any dangerous actions, you will get punished according to the regulations.

2. Items that may endanger the personal safety of others will be prohibited from being carried.
▪ For example: glass bottles, tin cans, glass, sharp knives, firecrackers, firearms, tools, blades, medicines, etc.

3. Please take good care of your personal belongings. If you lost your personal belongings , the organizer will not take responsibility for it.
▪ It is forbidden to carry large suitcases, that interrupt the performance of the show, strong and sharp stuff, unsealed paper bags with lots of stuff inside.
▪ Stuff which is stored for the prevention of dangerous situation while watching the program should be retrieved before 20:00 on the day. The organizer will not be responsible for any loss after the time.

▪ Notes
※The program watching series might suddenly be cancelled due to the internal factor of the TV company.
When the situation occurs, customers will be notified individually and the amount paid will be refunded 100%.

【Limitation on participants】
※Only available to adults and children over 15 years old.
※Koreans cannot partcipate.(Visitors who have permanent residency of other countries, such as overseas Korean, can participate in the show with a ARC card.)
※Please show your booking confirmation and passport(copy) in the venue. All of the participants have to show the passport(copy). You cannot enter the venue if the name on the passport is different from the booking confirmation.
※Reservation of the ticket is required. If you do not make a booking, you cannot enter the venue. At the same time, you cannot buy more tickets at the site. Thanks for your understanding.

▪ Notes for admission
- Entry wristbands will be provided at the venue.
- Entry wristbands are for personal use only and cannot be transferred. Used wristbands cannot be reused. it is
Once the on-site transfer is discovered, you’ll be banned to participate in the following shows you booked and cannot participate in the tour again within one year.
- 《M! Countdown》order of entry is based on groups, and the winning group enters first.
(For instance:Assume there’re three groups A/B/C, if the group C loses the rock-paper-scissors game, you’ll have to enter after the last member of both group A and B enter the venue even if you are the first customer arriving there.)
Request of changing entry order,complaint and refund request won’t be be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
- In the case of late arrival; if you arrive before 17:00, you can still line up and watch the show.。
- Please contact the reservation center before 17:00 one day before the performance day)。
However, If you arrive after 17:00, you will not be able to participate in the tour. At the same time, it is impossible to watch the program and you cannot get any refund.
- When entering the venue, the staff will lead customers to the front position of the station as possible.
Please be aware that the Fan Club may be prioritized in front of the MC stage.

▪ Notes on belongings and Clothing
- It is forbidden to wear shoes with your toes exposed such as slippers and sandals. Once found, it is possible to enter.
- Service of luggage and valuables storage will not be provided during the visit.
- Photographing and filming are not allowed during the visit, in the studio, and at the recording site.
- Photographing equipment such as cameras is not allowed. You’ll be unable to enter the venue when a camera is found.
(It is possible to conduct a security check before entering)
In addition,
If you are found taking a photo or shooting , you will be asked to delete the photo and exit. Also, you will not be able to join the tour within 1 year.
- After arriving at 2F,Taking photos are not allowed when waiting for entry (outside the studio). If you do not follow the rules, you may be refused to enter and would be asked to return your bracelet. Please follow the staff’s instructions. Hanchao and the organizer will not be responsible for any accidents occurring when you don’t follow the regulations.

▪ Others
- There are translators during the visit. (but won’t accompany during free time)
- Depending on the situation on the day, the time schedule and content of the tour route may change.
- There’s no food provided. Please use the cafes and restaurant facilities in the CJE&M Center before the tour begins.
- It is forbidden to bring any food with you during the visit.
- The finishing time varies depending on the recording status of the day. (usually 19:10~19:30 around)
- The lineup of performers may be changed without notification on the day.
- It is forbidden to enter or leave the studio when recording a program.

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