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Nanta Show Ticket (Hongdae)

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Duration : 90 minutes
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A wonderful percussion Korean show full of passion and speed! A must-watch show in Korea

▪ 《Nanta》 is the first non-verbal show in Korea, and the performance never paused since 1997. People from all ages, with different states, who speak different languages can all enjoy this show!

▪ “NANTA” is derived form the Korean pronunciation of Chinese characters “난타亂打”,It based on the beating rythmes “Samul nori” and incorporates with other genres of music,which is powerful and attractive.

▪ 4 Fascinating chef using pot, bowl, spoon, and other utensils to make amazing music, with dynamic rhythm and funny plots,all the audiences are overwhelmed by the performance!

▪ the theater is located in Hongdae, shops and delicious food can be found everywhere, sometimes you can see people busking if lucky!

・Due to the organizers, bookings have been temporarily suspended.(2020.11.03)

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▪ NANTA!Story line
3 Chief with different personalities starts their daily work as usual.

When they’re preparing the ingredients and managing kitchen utensils, the grumpy manager came in and asked them to prepare more than 10 menus including Korean barbecue, Korean noodles and cakes that he did not mentioned before.
Moreover, the manager asked them to finished those menus in 1 hour and even brought his nephew, who had no idea of any cooking skills to prepare with everyone

Every time a dish is prepared, unexpected situations occur. Can they handle it?

Is it possible to prepare a wedding reception within the prescribed time?
▪ Experience the strong rhythm in Korean traditional performance 'Nanta'!
'Nanta Academy' is located on the theatre street of Daehangno, the instruments used in the lecture is the instruments performed in the actual performance.
Check Nanta Academy (Korean Traditional Instrument) Experience details
▪ Vegetable use in 《Nanta》…?
Rhythm made by vegetable chopping and cutting, Stunning and astonishing! The vegetables used in the performance are provided by "Nonghyup", which are not distributed on the market. After the performance, the chopped vegetables will not be wasted as animal feed!
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Booking Notes

▪ Seats are being arranged on the show day by the organizer. The seats cannot be arranged beforehand.
▪ The show ticket can be claimed one hour before the show.
▪ Audience may enter 20 minutes before the show begins.
▪ No English subtitles will be available. Pamphlets in English will be available.

Sold Regularly
Included Service
Age Restriction
over the age of 1
Children can participate for free
under the age of 2 (Children under 35 months old are free. Parents should hold their children during the show. Please bring the passport of children to confirm the age.)
357-4, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul Map
(서울특별시 마포구 서교동 357-4)
[Address with Road Names]29, Yanghwa-ro 16-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
(서울특별시 마포구 양화로16길 29)
Subway Line2 Hongik Univ. Station

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