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Music Drama 《Only You》 Ticket

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Daehangno popular music drama! A warm story for your family

The popular music drama "Only You" at Daehangno, the famous Korea theater street, is a healing story for your family. In the drama, you can listen to the Korean popular music in the 1990s, and feel the atmosphere of the era, which resonate with people of all ages. "Only You" tells the story of a couple who has married for 37 years and their daughter in Gyeongsang Province. It describes the plain but wonderful love. Especially recommended for those who are married or about to get married. Also, there are English subtitles, so people who don’t speak Korean can also enjoy the show easily!

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Popular actor Park Bo-gum watched the music drama "Only You"!
(quoted) Park Bo-gum, a Korean star who is studying in the department of Theater & Cinema now, recently watched "Only You" under his father's recommendation. The music drama is so touching that he almost cried out load but held back and sobbed silently. He was relaxed and got a cure by this nice performance.

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《Only You》30 sec video
story outline
There are up to 8 time of ancestral rites to be made in a year!
Today, Li Bili, who almost broke her old bones because of preparing for ancestral rites, goes to the market with her husband Jiang Fengzhi.
In order to save money as much as possible,
Li Bili bargains with the street vendor for even a penny on a bean sprout.
Jiang Fengzhi feels ashamed of his wife's action.
Thus the fight started because of a bean sprout.
In the fight, Li Bili drinks the wine for ancestral rites, and asks to divorce eventually.
Irritable and cold Jiang Fengzhi with temperamental Li Bili
Whether this 37 year-love-story can keep going or not?

About Korean ancestral rites→details

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Booking Notes
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Main Organizing Company domo company Inc.
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