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Music Drama: Only You Ticket

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Duration : 120 minutes
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Daehangno popular music drama! A warm story for your family

▪ Popular music drama "Only You" at Daehangno,strongly recommended by Park Bo-gum!

▪ "Only You" tells the story of a couple who has married for 37 years and their daughter in Gyeongsang Province.

▪ It describes the normal but wonderful love between couples and families, a healing story to enjoy with your family

▪ K-pop music from the 90's is interspersed in this play, which will be loved by K-POP fans!

▪ English subtitles provided, people who don’t speak Korean can also enjoy the show easily!

・The bookings has been temporarily suspended.(2020.11.23)

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▪ Popular actor Park Bo-gum watched the music drama "Only You"!
(quoted) Park Bo-gum, a Korean star who is studying in the department of Theater & Cinema now, recently watched "Only You" under his father's recommendation. The music drama is so touching that he almost cried out load but held back and sobbed silently. He was relaxed and got a cure by this nice performance.

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▪ Only You 30 sec video
Story outline
There are up to 8 time of ancestral rites to be made in a year!
Today, Li Bili, who almost broke her old bones because of preparing for ancestral rites, goes to the market with her husband Jiang Fengzhi.
In order to save money as much as possible,
Li Bili bargains with the street vendor for even a penny on a bean sprout.
Jiang Fengzhi feels ashamed of his wife's action.
Thus the fight started because of a bean sprout.
In the fight, Li Bili drinks the wine for ancestral rites, and asks to divorce eventually.
Irritable and cold Jiang Fengzhi with temperamental Li Bili
Whether this 37 year-love-story can keep going or not?

About Korean ancestral rites→details
Seating Chart Customer booking through Hanchao will be arranged to sit at the sixth row where subtitles can be seen clearly.
※ The seat cannot be designated.
※ According to the booking order , it is possible to sit at other area.

Booking Notes

▪ The seats cannot be designated in advance.
▪ The ticket office will be open 60 minutes before the show, and audience may enter 20 minutes before the show start.
▪ Please arrive 20 minutes earlier.
▪ Admission is possible after the performance start (following the guidance of the staff, the original seat may not be arranged and the price difference cannot be refunded).

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Age Restriction
over the age of 7
139, Ihwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul Map
(서울특별시 종로구 이화동 139, 3F)
[Address with Road Names]26, Ihwajang-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
(서울특별시 종로구 이화장길 26 , 3F)
Subway Line4 Hyehwa Station

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