Home Seoul Korean Traditional Rice Wine (Makgeolli) Making Experience
Home Seoul Korean Traditional Rice Wine (Makgeolli) Making Experience

Korean Traditional Rice Wine (Makgeolli) Making Experience

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Duration : About 2 hours
Minimum 2 Travelers(Adult basis) to book
Minimum 2 travelers(Adult basis) to experience
Meet up at location

Enjoy the taste of Makgeolli! Experience making Koean rice wine by yourself!

▪ A unique experience that cannot be missed during your Korean trip — Korean rice wine making experience!

▪ The brewing process is relatively simple, no professional cooking skills and preparation in advance are required, enjoy the fun of “learn-by-doing” here!

▪ While making rice wine and Korean traditional drunk food, you can learn about the history of Korean rice wine.

▪ After the experience, enjoy hand-made rice wine and Korean traditional drunk food with friends and share the joy of success!

・The bookings has been temporarily suspended.(2020.11.23)

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Follow for information【Process of Makgeolli making】

1.Professionals' instruction
Listen to the expert specializing in Korean food and traditional Korean liquor details the process of Makgeolli making!
2.Preparation for Makgeolli Making
First, prepare the basic ingredients of Makgeolli-and start rice steaming, cooling and mixing processes.
2.Squeeze out the Makgeolli
Place the fermented rice wine on a basket and squeezed it out directly by hand. A process to experience its color and fragrance closely.
※After the completion of the second process, the fermentation should take 5 days. It can be produced using the materials prepared 5 days ago.
4.Tasting Makgeolli
With the popular drunk food- Pajeon or Bulgogi, accompanied by Korean cuisine, taste the brewed rice bar!
【How to arrive the experience location】
Subway Line 2 Guui Station
(1) Going out form Exit 1 and go straight for about 30 meters. Turn right at the corner of the optical shop SEE&EYES.
(2) Go straight 50 meters.
(3) Go down to B1 of the building(동대문곱창) on your left

Booking Notes

【Experience Information】
・Unable to taste the rice wine if under the age of 20.
・Short-term travelers cannot take their own rice wine because it requires a period of fermentation due to its nature. If you stay in Korea for more than 7 days, you can bring your own rice wine.
・Please contact in advance through the reservation center after completing your booking if you want to take out the rice wine. Rice wine cannot be shipped by air.

Ingredients and props are prepared in advance.
・There are no lockers in the building or the class room, please keep you valueables carefully.
・The maximum capacity for experience time section is 6 people.

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Business Hours
Monday~Wednesday 15:00、Thursday~Saturday 11:00/ 15:00
Off Day(s)
246-51, Guui-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul Map
(서울특별시 광진구 구의동 246-51)
[Address with Road Names]9, Achasan-ro 49-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
(서울특별시 광진구 아차산로49길 9)

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