Home Seoul Traditional Korean Music(Gugak) Show「SUN&MOON」Ticket
Home Seoul Traditional Korean Music(Gugak) Show「SUN&MOON」Ticket

Traditional Korean Music(Gugak) Show「SUN&MOON」Ticket

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Duration : 75 minutes
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Feel the Charisma of Korean Traditional Music and Modern Music!

▪ When Gayageum meets electronic rock, feel the charisma of Korean traditional music and modern music!

▪ Kolleen Park, a representing Korean musician acts as the music director, talented performers of the traditional Korean music industry presents wonderful performances for you!

▪ The impressive scene created with holographic images, also the interaction between the performers and the audience cannot be missed!

▪ The whole show does not have any multilingual communication. Just enjoy the charm of Korean traditional music!

・The bookings has been temporarily suspended.(2020.11.23)

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▪ The ticket office will be open 60 minutes before the show, and audience may enter 20 minutes before the show start.
▪ Seats are being arranged on the show day by the organizer. The seats cannot be arranged beforehand.
▪ Visitors may enter during the first 15 minutes of the show(following the guidance of the staff, the original seat may not be arranged and the price difference cannot be refunded).
▪ There is no intermission.

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