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Home Seoul My Unique T-money Card (payment in advance)

My Unique T-money Card (payment in advance)

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Use your favorite photos to create unique T-money Cards!

▪ Make your own Korean transportation card with your favorite photos, which has great sentimental value.

▪ The operation process is very simple. You can select photos in advance or upload photos on-site, scan the QR code and wait for 30 seconds only then you can get yourself a unique Korean transportation card!

▪ You can also choose traffic cards with super cute KAKAO FRIENDS characters with different expressions on it.

▪ Please refer to the detailed introduction page for information like the production process and types of transportation cards.

・The bookings has been temporarily suspended.(2020.11.23)

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【How to make your unique T-money Card】
1. Upload a photo on the official website after finishing payment on Hanchao.
2. Upload a photo in Korea after finishing payment on Hanchao.

※ For more information, please refer to " How to make my own T-money Card?"
[Machine Spots for different types of Transportation cards]
*Depending on the machine, the types of transportation cards that can be made are different, such as "T-money" and "cashbee",etc.

1.T-money card
·Airport Railway:Hongik University Station(Exit 3),Digital Media City Station(next to the charging machine)

2.cashbee traffic card
·Gwangju Subway: Culture Complex Station(B1,Exit5),
Geumnamno 4(sa)-ga Station(B2F,front of waiting room)

Booking Notes

・The organizers and Hanchao are not responsible for any copyright disputes caused by using non-self-taken photos for creating T-money Cards.
・It is forbidden to resell, copy, and use T-money Cards for other profitable purposes.
・Create your own transportation card or buy a LINE FRIENDS transportation card, both are available with the QR code you purchased.
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※ The posted information may be changed without additional notice. Please be aware that the integrity of the posted information is not guaranteed.

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