Home Seoul ZIMZOM AIR Luggage Delivery Service (Gimpo Airport↔Hotel)
Home Seoul ZIMZOM AIR Luggage Delivery Service (Gimpo Airport↔Hotel)

ZIMZOM AIR Luggage Delivery Service (Gimpo Airport↔Hotel)

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Cancellation available 3 days before
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Korean、Some staff can speak English

Luggage delivery service from hotel to airport - make your trip easy and convenient!

▪ Luggage can be delivered to hotels, guest house and Apartment Hotels, as well as homes and offices all areas in Seoul.

▪ Baggage delivery service at Gimpo Airport makes your Korea trip more convenient and comfortable.

▪ When arriving, bring your luggage to ZIMZOM AIR and head straight to popular attractions or idol’s concerts!

▪ When leaving, hand your luggage to the staff at the hotel to make efficient use of the last day of the tour!

▪ Present Hanchao’s booking reservation and fill out a simple form to complete the process, which is convenient and easy!

▪ Free your hands, solve the troubles caused by heavy luggages, and make the best use of your precious vacation time!

Due to the hotel's factor, 'Serviced Apartment Seoul Station' is not included in the service.

Package Options

Please select a Date

Follow for information

<ZIMZOM AIR Shipping Information Guide>
After adding the LINE or KAKAOTALK of ZIMZOM AIR, you can receive the information such as the delivery status of the luggage or the guide for confirming the reservation by sending your reservation name and number.
However, Hanchao will contact the customer directly through phone calls or email when an emergency occur
LINE ID: zimzom4u (QR code left)
KakaoTalk ID: zimzom4u (QR code right)
■【Gimpo International Airport Luggage Pick-up & Drop-off location(Same)】
Location:Gimpo International Airport 1F International Arrival luggage delivery counter next to Woori bank
Business Hour:07:00~15:00
Delivery Time:16:00~20:00


Booking Notes

【Required information when booking】
-The name used for hotel reservation(English name)
-Estimated time of visiting counter(drop-off or pick-up)
-Date of Departure(For Round-trip series only)

※Information such as the telephone number and email address that will be filled in as the representative's contact information in STEP1 will be sent to the organizer.
※After booking, if you need to receive the delivery information, you can add the organizer via WeChat, kakao talk or LINE(ZIMZOM AIR baggage delivery service ID: zimzom4u), and send the reservation number or the reservation name to receive the information. If the organizer is not added, the delivery information will not be sent.

[Luggage size]
Smaller than 28 inches : 3 sides in total is less than 158cm (luggage, etc.)
Bigger than 28 inches: 3 sides in total is more than 158cm (golf bag, baby carriage, skateboard, etc.)

[Undeliverable items]
1. Valuables (gold and silver jewelry, etc.)
2. Cash, securities, etc. (tickets and documents)
3. Dangerous goods
4. Fragile items
5. Corrosive articles
6. Items with strong smell
7. Volatile chemicals, addictive drugs
8. Electronic products (personal computers, digital cameras, tablets, mobile phones, etc.)

[When luggage is damaged or broken]
※When the value of the baggage is higher than 500,000 won, store has the right to refuse the delivery service. When the customer requests and insists the item to be transported, the maximum of compensation the store responsible for is 500,000 won.
※When the baggage is lost or damaged, the maximum amount of compensation is 500,000 won (except when the baggage is intentionally damaged).
※Complaint or appeal has to be done within 7 days. If you do not send a complaint or request, you will not be able to get compensation.
※For other reasons below, you will not be able to get compensation : transport delays, government regulations, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc.
※The store will try its best effort to deliver on time, and when the user has already taken the flight, the store will deliver the baggage to the user's destination as quickly as possible.

※Additional charges will be incurred if the user does not pick-up the baggage in time or change the pick-up time.
※If the baggage is vulnerable, you need to tell the staff in advance. Some items cannot be delivered depending on the stuff inside.
※Depending on the traffic condition, the delivery time is subject to change, or may be canceled.
※It can be delivered to hotels or guesthouses in Seoul. However, there may be cases where it is impossible to deliver.

Sold Regularly(Until 2020-03-31)
Included Service
Delivery fee

Cancel Policy

・2 days before participating day: 50% of the travel/performance payment
・0~1 day before participating day: 100% of the travel/performance payment

※ The rules above apply to reservation change (participating date and number of participants). Please take note of it.
※ Cancellation requests submitted during the non-business hours of the Hanchao Reservation Center will be treated as submitted on the next business day.
※ If the customer cancels an order paid for with Alipay because of a sudden change of mind, he or she has to be charged 3% of the payment for the travel/performance as a processing fee. It is based on Alipay overseas service policy.
※ An order can not be cancelled if the cancellation request is made too many days after the payment: over 80 days if you paid with Alipay, over 180 days if you paid with UnionPay, over 90 days if you paid with WeChat Pay and over 1 year if you paid with credit card.

Upload Date

※ The posted information may be changed without additional notice. Please be aware that the integrity of the posted information is not guaranteed.

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